Ibiza weddings: Ibiza Pure Events – The personal connection

Planning a destination wedding requires a huge amount of hope, faith and trust. Hope that you find a wedding planner who truly understands your vision, faith in their ability to make it happen and trust in their personal judgement and insider’s advice when it comes to organising an Ibiza wedding. Here in Ibiza, there is no wedding planner who understands and respects these elements more than Kristiina Pylkas of Ibiza Pure Events. Her track record speaks for itself, with over 250 Ibiza newlyweds having enlisted her to expertly plan their weddings over the past 10 years, before they went on to live happily ever after all around the world.

The key to Kristiina’s success lies in the deeply personal connection she nurtures and creates with each couple as they embark on the journey of planning and Ibiza wedding together. From the very first consultation – be it via Skype, phone or in person – she strives to get to know you, to understand what your priorities are and to learn more about your tastes, likes and dislikes before putting together a completely bespoke proposal for your wedding.

“I don’t have ready made packages,” says Kristiina. “I don’t like them because everybody’s different. Many people ask for them and I know other wedding planners offer them as promotional tools, but I prefer to I customise everything. In the end, I present the couple with a personalised package but it comes after I know they are hoping to create exactly.”

This initial package is the base from which Kristiina works from, liaising with brides-to-be and their future hubbies on all elements. First and foremost is the venue, as locking in true desired date as early as possible is essential. Kristiina’s long-term island experience means Ibiza Pure Events has access to an incredible amount of venues, ranging from the well-known favourites and island classics to some seriously amazing lesser known venues such as luxurious private villas that are not on the market as wedding locations.

“There are so many venues on the island, but I find some couples don’t want to hold their event somewhere a friend, family member or friend of a friend has attended in the past,” Kristiina explains. “They are very popular and always will be, but with the strong link between Ibiza and Europe these days, it’s not always easy to find unique locations that still have a wow factor. We have access to some villas that offer the Ibiza experience and views and have rarely been seen before.”

Then it’s down to the details. The very best and most reliable suppliers such as talented Ibiza wedding photographers, creative and stylish decoration, impressive entertainment, pre and post wedding brunches, lunches, cocktails and more. And of course, catering – Ibiza Pure Events ensure your wedding feast is tailored to suit your tastes, appetites, dietary requirements and style. With the who’s who of private chefs on her speed dial, Kristiina can arrange some seriously spectacular gastronomic experiences showcasing the essence of Ibiza for her clients. Be it a sit down intimate dinner for 10, stand up canapés for 250 or a three-day extravaganza, no event is too big or too small.

Throughout the journey – which can be anywhere from two months to two years – Kristiina is by your side, your trusted on-island guide and wedding confidante. “We really make this whole journey with them, from the first contact, throughout the months, right up till the end of the wedding. We understand all couples have different needs and expectations, and not everyone wants to be fully guided, so we let the client dictate what they want, then we are happy to assist and advise them based on this.”

The first two months of planning can be quite intense according to Kristiina, who gives her clients an order of priorities and time frames for each booking ‘rush’ to ensure they don’t miss out on scoring their chosen celebrant, photographer or cake maker, in contact frequently until the first stage is locked down. Then there’s a quiet period, until the date appears on the horizon, and tastings and island visits are organised. “Some people are really organised and want to book everything two years prior,” says Kristiina. “But so many things can happen, and it’s not always ideal to work this way in Ibiza.” This is where trust and faith are essential.

It’s the connection between each couple and their planner that makes the relationship, and thus the wedding, work. “You have to have a connection with each other,” says Kristiina. “They have to put so much trust in us – it’s so much more than a job to us. It’s one of the most important days of their lives so it’s a very personal relationship. In the end, it becomes more like a friendship. By the wedding day, we know each other so well – we often even know their family, closest friends and kids! It can be a really fun experience if you click.”

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