Ibiza weddings: Meet the founders – Ma Chérie Weddings Ibiza

Ma Chérie Weddings Ibiza is the brandchild of year-round Ibiza residents Alexandra Sixt and Marcella Koronna. The dynamic duo initially met via email, when Marcella first applied for a marketing and events position at Pura Vida Beach Restaurant where Alexandra was planning weddings and events. Within two weeks, a bond was forged and they were working together as a team, instantly complementing each other’s work, ideas and strengths.

The idea to create a unique wedding planning agency was inspired by the combination of so many weddings taking place at Pura Vida Beach Restaurant, positive word of mouth recommendations for their service and the high demand for weddings in Ibiza. It was a completely organic process to streamline this service into one that focused purely on weddings. Et voila! Ma Chérie Weddings Ibiza was launched in 2014.

Meet Alexandra Sixt, the professional wedding planner with ten years of planning spectacular events under her stylish belt…

Born in Germany, Alexandra first felt the call to Ibiza in 1995 – originally as a holiday destination. It wasn’t long before she was returning regularly, and in 2007 it was here she met her future husband Daniel. It looked like Ibiza was about to take a more permanent place in her life. “I was attracted to the vibe, the difference, the sun and especially my husband,” she says, looking back to those days. But it’s clear today that island life most definitely agrees with her.

Event planning was already in her blood, as Alexandra had studied European Hotel Management before establishing herself in a career organising events with a focus on PR sports. “Later I moved to Berlin, where I started working for an event agency which included clients like Adidas, T-mobile, Samsung and the World Championship in Germany,” she says of her extensive experience. But from 2007, the call to the white isle – and her love – was stronger than ever, and she gave up the corporate world and officially relocated permanently.

Upon arrival to Ibiza, due to the demand for weddings at the family’s beach club, she turned her exceptional event planning skills to weddings. “I can’t believe it’s now my tenth year as a wedding planner!” she exclaims as the 2017 is kicking into motion. Considered by her peers and colleagues as a master at multi-tasking, Alexandra is a very warm and positive person – extremely people oriented. Couples feel they are in good hands due to her experience and empathy.

She revels in seeing a well-planned event come to life on the day and keeps calm in stressful and unexpected situations – which despite meticulous planning can happen! Alongside her partner Marcella – who she credits as being “creative, full of ideas, has a special eye for details and knows all new and hidden spots on the island” – Alexandra has an intuitive feeling for what couples are looking for when planning their big day. “To let someone plan your most important day is not an easy step and we want to make our couples feel as comfortable as possible. We want to understand every little detail of their own wedding dream. In the end it is all about making their wedding dreams come true.”

Meet Marcella Koronna, the events and marketing specialist who is full of ideas and has an eye for detail…

Hailing from Aachen in Germany, Marcella headed abroad to study events and marketing in the Netherlands and build up her industry experience in the cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam before moving to Ibiza in 2014. This wasn’t her first time to the island however – she had been visiting regularly since her first holiday in 2003.

“For me, it was the positive atmosphere, the music, inspiring people from all over the world, the hospitality industry – from events to restaurants – the beautiful nature, sun and the fact you always discover new locations that attracted me to Ibiza,” she says. Her very first job in Ibiza was with Alexandra at Pura Vida Beach Restaurant where she was directly introduced to wedding planning and the fast-paced Ibiza wedding scene, and the rest, as they say, was history.

Marcella fell in love with the wedding planning process, enjoying meeting a variety of great personalities and excelling in the creative processes of event design. “To see a year of planning coming alive on the day itself and the happiness in the couples and guests eyes is a very special moment,” she says of her job satisfaction. Described as calm, warm, detail oriented and creative, Marcella understands the need to stay calm no matter what the situation and be a quick improviser, no matter what the problem. There is always a solution.

She sees this skillset mirrored in her partner. “Alexandra’s experience, passion and multi-tasking talents are what makes her so successful,” she says. “She creates a positive and warm atmosphere and is the fastest improviser and solution finder in every situation. We’ve always got to stay professional, always have a back up plan in our pocket and a smile on our face,” she says. “For us it is important to make it as personal as possible and to build up a good connection.”

Fast forward to today and Alexandra and Marcella see countless possibilities for weddings in Ibiza – the hype, the beauty, the spirituality, the professional companies and suppliers. Not simply limited to Pura Vida Beach Restaurant (as breathtaking as it is!), the venues they work with are made for weddings, be it a beach, sea view cliff-top, villa, sunset or beautiful countryside venue – all are unique and made with love. Most importantly, they believe true love is key to making a wedding successful. Friends, family, surroundings, the wedding planning team, chefs, artists, stylists – these are simply the icing on the cake.

“We complement each other, which makes it easy to have a very good working relationship,” says Marcella of their partnership. “We share the same approach, goals and visions. Sometimes two words are enough to know exactly what the other is imagining. We value each other’s opinion and use each other’s strengths to make our work as professional, but also fun, as possible. Knowing you always have someone to back you up in every working situation is very special and hard to find.”

250 weddings (and counting!) later, it’s more than obvious both love what they are doing, and Ibiza wedding couples feel that from the beginning till the end of their journey with Ma Chérie Weddings Ibiza.

Photography by Maria Simon. Shot on location at Atzaró Ibiza.

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