Ibiza weddings: Introducing Beziiqué

There are photographers, there are wedding photographers, there are Ibiza wedding photographers… and then there is Beziiqué. Bringing a new sense of style, drama and fun to the island wedding photography scene, this cool and creative agency is the brainchild of highly experienced photographer Nick Wild and his equally talented and creative partner Aimie Flack (pictured together above). The dynamic duo are no strangers to shooting Ibiza weddings, however 2018 is the year they are relocating their life and work to the island on a more permanent basis – dogs, cats, cameras and all!

“From a photography point of view, it’s all about the light,” Nick explains emphatically about the couple’s decision to focus on Ibiza weddings, his words echoing those of many famous artists who have found inspiration on our fair shores before him. “It’s the most beautiful light we’ve ever worked in… and we’ve done weddings all around the world.” On a personal level, it’s about creating a work/life balance that allows Nick and Aimie to fully appreciate their adopted homeland – feeling at one with nature while being able to nurture their wildest creative dreams.

The Beziiqué story begins with Nick Wild. Born into a creative family – he credits his architect father for inspiring his love of structure, lines and architecture – he enrolled in art college and studied photography, however due to personal differences with a tutor, he originally shied away from his natural calling for many years, opting for a sales career in central London. While his creative side may have lay dormant for a time, it was during this period his passion for customer service was born; an essential element of the business that makes Beziiqué stand out from other photography agencies.

While attending a wedding as a guest 12 years after his graduation, Nick was fascinated with the photographer’s work and within six months his passion for shooting had been reignited. Soon after, Nick was signed to the prestigious Getty Images as a professional photographer, supplying stunning imagery for advertising campaigns and media. He worked as an events photographer on the side, dabbling in weddings and nightclubs before going on to open his own portraiture studio, working with families and models, giving him well-rounded experience that would serve him well when it came to his future work with destination weddings.

Enter Aimie Flack. An all-round creative, Nick first encountered Aimie when she was singing and dancing in a high-end club he was shooting one night, and he quickly discovered there was much more to the fiery beauty than meets the eye. Romance blossomed and soon Aimie found herself volunteering to help her beau out with photography for an event he couldn’t attend himself. “I thought surely it can’t be that difficult,” she laughs at the memory. “You just pick up a camera and do it. Then I got thrown in at the deep end, I was told there was a fire act to shoot that night and it was like what the hell? Nick – help!” It turned out (thankfully!) Aimie had a knack for shooting, and a new type of partnership was formed.

Weddings were a natural progression from event photography – as the club clientele started to grow up and get married, they’d call on their favourite events photographers to capture the memories. At the time, Nick already had plenty of experience, with ten years of experience shooting weddings by that stage, and Aimie’s natural enthusiasm made her his perfect co-pilot. “I always found shooting on my own at weddings kind of boring,” admits Nick. “I like to vibe off someone and Aimie is always pushing my buttons to do everything better. We have fun while we work, and we’re also in competition with each other all day. It’s about who can create THE most amazing image of the day. From working together like this, we created the Beziiqué brand as it stands today.”

The name is a cute play on words to represent the brand’s philosophy for creating bespoke, and unique imagery, with the two i’s in between symbolising Nick and Aimie standing together. Their dynamic is professional yet fun and their energy buzzing, as they finish each other’s sentences and propel each other to continually take their work to the next level. However it is the client who is at the heart of each and every image. “At the end of the day, it all comes down to the wedding couple,” says Nick. “For Aimie and I, they are number one. The wedding photos aren’t for us – we’re trying to give them something completely unique as our name suggests.”

Nick and Aimie take on different roles and responsibilities on the big day, allowing them to capture an array of styles, shots, moments and emotions. Nick describes his style as focused on lines, architecture and landscapes – aiming to place the couple in the middle of the perfect set-up for the hero shots that will be on your wall for years to come. “Aimie loves the details,” Nick begins to explain as his partner chimes in excitedly. “I’ve got to achieve the details, the angles! Nick is the main photographer and his style is clean cut and looking at the big picture, but I get to shoot through things on a close lens and look for emotion and expressions.”

The couple share an inner confidence that means they know they walk away from every wedding, knowing they’ve captured all the right moments. Dramatic, bold, edgy and stylised, yet completely timeless and chic, the Beziiqué style is unlike any other kind of photography. “We go into each wedding with completely fresh minds,” explains Nick. “We record the history of that day through our eyes in a completely unique manner.” This includes going the extra mile to find those locations for truly incredible backdrops – clifftops, seafronts, sunsets, forests and more. The search for the perfect shot continues throughout the night. “I won’t just get in the crowd and take typical party photos,” says Aimie. “I’ll get up on Nick’s shoulders and get right in there to capture all the real action!”

“We bring out the best in each other,” says Nick when asked about the experience of working with your partner 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “We have a laugh and wind each other up in a jokey way,” agrees Aimie. “We have so much fun and gee each other up to get the very best.” For couples, knowing their chosen photographers truly understand the male and female dynamics, aesthetics and energy in any relationship can help put them at ease. “It makes it easier for us too,” says Aimie. “We can be in two different places at once, shooting the bride and groom as they get ready and never run out of time or miss an important moment.” Brides too, will be happy to note Aimie’s natural ability for styling and attention to detail means she’s constantly looking out for your most flattering side or angle, ensuring your dress isn’t ruffled and your make-up isn’t smudged.

When it comes to the white isle, Nick’s lifelong connection with the island stems from family holidays – as a child, he would visit a few times per year, stopping off in Ibiza before heading to Formentera on the ferry. “I was really familiar with that part of the world already,” he explains. “But it took photography to draw me back and realise it was where I wanted to be.” The couple visited the island together for a friend’s wedding in 2012 and for Aimie, who had never been to the island before, it was love at first sight. “It just felt like home,” she says.

With a dedicated office team headed up by Beziiqué administration manager Carolyne Jackson, there’s always someone at the other end of the phone at all times to answer any questions regarding your wedding photography. Both Nick and Aimie regularly travel to the UK and are available for face to face meetings, or Skype sessions can be arranged to get to know each other prior to the main event. “Getting to know the couple is so important before the wedding, to make sure we really are the right fit for each other,” says Aimie. Nick agrees. “If we gel with the couple, we know we’re going to create something cool on the day.”

All Beziique packages begin with a full-day shoot (with both Nick and Aimie passionate about capturing your entire story from start to finish) and then additional services can be bolted on to create a bespoke package, such as the popular ‘trash the dress’ shoot or fun underwater photography sessions, fine art wedding albums, prints and more. For those looking for that little extra, Aimie is also available to perform at your reception – her incredible voice and ability to hold an audience yet unique Beziique selling point.

“Working in Ibiza is amazing – there’s so much quirkiness and uniqueness to the weddings and the venues are just amazing,” says Aimie. “And that’s what we’re all about.” Beyond their artistic portfolio of work is an air of authenticity. Nick and Aimie are real people, living their real lives in real love, just like their couples. And just like their couples, they’ve found even more love with the island of Ibiza – a love for the island’s bohemian spirit, the beautiful skies, the aroma of the pine trees and of course, that magical golden light.

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