Ibiza weddings: The Ibiza Wedding Planner – When efficiency and creativity collide

For the lucky few, being organised is a breeze. For every person who spends the majority of life turning up late, missing appointments and ignoring notifications on their phone, there’s someone at the opposite end of the spectrum who arrives early, never misses a meeting and has replied to your message before you’ve even sent it. Marina Amorós is the latter, and fortunately for those about to embark on planning the happiest day of their lives, she’s also known as The Ibiza Wedding Planner – an expert at removing the stresses and strains of organising a show-stopping celebration.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Marina makes coordinating a wedding look easy. There are multiple reasons for this – some involving her character, others involving her contacts – but without doubt, this is also attributed to Marina’s high flying career before she moved into the wedding world. “I was born in Ibiza, but I went to university in Madrid to study advertising and tourism,” she explains. “During that period, I started work experience for an advertising agency, and I was still there five years later!” Marina took care of international events on the company’s behalf, in the process working hard, impressing her bosses and from there, never looking back.

Those fortunate enough to work alongside Marina in planning their Ibiza wedding are strongly rewarded, not only with a wedding that runs seamlessly, but by an event that is truly memorable. “We create brand new designs for every one of our weddings,” she explains. “There’s a real elegance to each one of our projects.” Marina also goes out of her way to ensure the happy couple feel extra special on the big day. “We always plan a surprise,” she smiles. “If it’s a themed wedding we’ll add something unknown to the decor, or we’ll plan something with friends and family that the couple weren’t expecting.”

This personal touch is what brings Marina a client list that includes Ibiza’s movers and shakers and a host of international celebrities, one of whose wedding appeared in Spanish Hello magazine last summer. “People can have confidence in what we do because we’re used to turning around really big, high-end events,” she explains. “From 50 to 600 people, we’ve done it all.” And of course, this is made easy when you’re a native islander with a list of contacts that is seemingly unending.

“We’re so well placed to recommend what’s best for our couples,” Marina continues. “At the same time we try to support suppliers from the island. I have close relationships with everyone, and that means I can endorse whoever is the right fit rather than pushing people into choosing a supplier that benefits us. We get to remain completely neutral.”

In essence, Marina has everything you could want and need as a wedding accomplice. “Organising a wedding is like a walk on the beach for us!” she laughs. And with Marina in charge, that’s probably what you’ll spend the run-up to your wedding doing.