Ibiza wedding cakes to swoon over


Ibiza wedding cakes to swoon over


A wedding cake – just like the dress – should inspire awe and there is no one who knows this better than master baker IbizaEileen of IbizaCakes. Love is Eileen’s motivation and passion is her discipline; her art is sweetly sublime and drenched in joy, much like the woman herself. These cakes are more than just a delicious dessert; they are a guest of honour.

Eileen’s world is all about love (and cake). After making a beautiful cake for her daughter’s wedding, friends convinced her to go professional. IbizaCakes is now known as one of the island’s pre-eminent cake makers with a slew of international prizes and magazine appearances paying testament to Eileen’s skills.

From traditional fruit cakes with white icing and complex towers heaving with life-like sugar flowers to mountains of creamy cupcakes or a rock cracked open to reveal delicious bright crystals, there’s not a wedding cake design Eileen can’t accomplish. An IbizaCakes creation captivates guests and adds a touch of enchantment to any Ibiza wedding.

Eileen is truly in her element when tinkering with sugar and icing in the IbizaCakes workshop – her very essence is instilled in each and every fold of her intricate designs. While wedding cakes are her strength, Eileen also loves a challenge and has created sweet representations for every type of occasion. They are simply a taste of heaven.

Membership to a professional guild of sugar crafters ensures constant renewal of skills and trends, not to mention trophies for IbizaCakes. Every weddings is special, but an Ibiza wedding is extra special and the wedding cake should be too. It is an expression a couple’s love embodied by swirls of sugar and delight, the love Eileen pours into her work is the ingredient that produces cakes to swoon over, before slicing into them!

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