Ibiza wellness: 200-hour Yin-Yang Yoga Teacher Training

Rise & Shine Yoga host a special Yin-Yang Yoga Teacher Training in Ibiza from Saturday March 10 until Saturday March 31, 2018. Set in a beautiful Ibiza villa, breakfast, lunch, dinner and tuition is included in the price and upon graduation, students will be eligible to register with with globally recognised Yoga Alliance.

Yin is the principle of the feminine, receptive, still, intuitive and meditative quality, while Yang is the principle of the masculine, active and expressing quality. The course approaches yoga from an energetic perspective, yet you will also learn a lot about the physical part in a grounded, down-to-earth way.

This training includes two modules: a Yang teacher training module – a more dynamic, active style that enables you to teach soulful flow classes, plus a Yin yoga module that enables you to teach deeply rejuvenating, meditative Yin yoga classes, with mindful and soulful Yin-Yang classes the icing on the cake.

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