Ibiza wellness: Ibiza Balance – Tailor-made Villa Wellness Packages

Booking a luxurious villa holiday in Ibiza – be it with family or friends – is one of the best ways to experience the authentic Ibiza lifestyle. Surrounded by loved ones in your own home base, with plenty of private spaces to call your own and all your own little luxuries on hand, it really is possible to create that home away from home sensation.

Being on holiday also invokes the desire to be taken care of, from top to toe, and in mind body and spirit. When you’re staying in a luxury resort or boutique hotel, it’s easy to pop to the spa or into the restaurant when you want to sate these desires, however when you’ve invested in a beautiful Ibiza villa for the week (or longer), the urge to stay home and indulge in creature comforts is understandable. And this is where Ibiza Balance comes in…

Ibiza’s most in-demand mobile spa service, Ibiza Balance – founded by qualified physiotherapist and wellness expert Anika Hölting – introduces an all-new menu of Villa Wellness Packages in 2017, designed to bring spa and wellbeing experiences directly into your holiday home at an affordable price. Packages can be combined, customised or tailored to suit the needs of your group, making them much more appealing than a one-size-fits-all treatment or therapy in a spa. All Ibiza Balance Villa Packages have been designed from the heart, with your overall relaxation and rejuvenation in mind.

“The idea was to bring more services to a villa stay than just one massage or beauty therapist at a time,” explains Anika. “When you’re staying in a villa, everyone wakes up at different times, people want to eat at different times, and not everyone wants the same wellness treatments. Ibiza Balance has so many different departments – bodywork, health, beauty and soul – and so it made sense to combine them all, and create tailor-made, accessibly priced packages, with professionals on stand-by, in-house, all day (or week!) long.”

Ibiza Balance Villa Packages range from a basic three-hour Welcome Package, which includes an introductory massage for guests, to the six-day Villa Deluxe package or an intensive 14-day Luxury Fitness Retreat. Existing packages are simply your starting point, as Anika and her team are passionate about creating the perfect package to suit the needs of you and your guests. Should you wish to add services such as children’s swimming classes, a day of juicing, a healthy chef (for breakfast each day, or on standby all week), yoga classes or personal training – anything is possible.

If it is the ultimate massage you are seeking on holiday, the team of Ibiza Balance massage therapists have all styles covered. An eight-hour Villa Massage Package is on offer, with a private therapist on stand-by all day in your villa, meaning if you’ve woken up a little later than expected after a night out, you won’t miss your appointment slot as you are welcome to ease into your day. This also means all of your villa guests have access to the treatment – there is no rigidity, such as having to arrange specific time slots or transport to different destinations. Simply float from the pool to the massage table, and then back again when you’ve reached the ultimate state of relaxation.

If it’s pampering you seek, the Ibiza Balance Villa Beauty Package is a fabulous option, as a team of highly trained beauty therapists spend a full eight hours in your villa offering personalised treatments and hair and make-up services. The perfect preparation before a big night out on the island, removing any stress about having to rush to a spa or salon in the heat and traffic before getting to your dinner reservation on time and allowing you the flexibility of getting ready at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

Perhaps the ultimate in Ibiza Balance Villa Packages, the Villa Deluxe Package is designed for groups of six people (though it can be tailored to suit larger groups) over a six-day period. Guests are treated to individual wellbeing check-ups and nutritional advice, daily yoga and meditation classes, personal training, Pilates or Aqua Gym and more. Treatments include cupping therapy, acupuncture, deep tissue massage, Shiatsu, Thai or Ibiza Relax Massage, plus collagen and hyaluronic facials, spa manicures and pedicures – everything you need to look and feel great over the course of the week. In addition, a raw food delivery and detox juicing program can be added to the package, making it like your own personal retreat minus the restrictions of being in an organised group.

The list of packages goes on, to include an intensive seven-day Boot Camp fitness experience or bespoke Luxury Fitness Retreats. Anything goes with an Ibiza Balance Villa Package – simply contact the team and let them know what you’re seeking, and they can design the perfect package. You provide the villa – they do the rest!

“Ibiza is so busy nowadays,” continues Anika. “Guests don’t want to spend time waiting, sitting in traffic or in rushing about and stressing to get to a treatment on time. Bringing our services directly to the house means holidaymakers can have the experiences they want on standby, along with the flexibility to maximise the time spent in their beautiful holiday villa with their friends and family at a fair price.”

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