Ibiza wellness: Psychological benefits of treatment at Ibiza Calm

Rehabilitation treatments have come a long way in the 21st century and at the forefront of this field is Ibiza Calm, a bespoke addiction treatment centre in the heart of the white isle. Operating with a proven mind, body and soul holistic approach to the experience of rehabilitation for a variety of addictions ranging from drugs and alcohol to gambling and more, patients undergo intensive treatment plans tailored to their recovery needs and leave the beautiful, tranquil centre with the relief and peace of mind they have long been seeking.

Ibiza Calm Clinical Director John McKeown says one of the most important things to note, for those who may be considering treatment (be it for themselves, a family member or friend) is that the Ibiza Calm experience is an entirely positive one. There is no negativity associated with getting the right diagnosis and treatment you need in a professional environment. “It’s not about labeling – it’s about understanding,” he explains. “Sometimes hearing things from a professional allows you to recognise it in yourself – whether it is being depressed, burnt out, addicted or seeing why certain patterns are evolving. These things can be hard to admit and we provide a safe space for people to open up and be honest about their behaviour, emotions and actions.”

The psychological benefits of a stay at Ibiza Calm are limitless. The standard retreat period is four weeks (though six weeks are recommended for optimal results), although if a patient is limited on time, shorter programs can be tailored to suit their needs – after all, seeking the help you need in the time you can spare is much better than letting your issues escalate. “Don’t let it get too late,” John reiterates. “You don’t have to be hospitalised, gamble away all your money or someone else’s, get violent, be arrested or crash your car to be admitted to treatment.”

For island residents who may not be able to opt for the full residential treatment due to work or family commitments, a nine-to-five style outpatient treatment package is also available following an initial two-week full residential stay. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, though John admits there are more obvious benefits to the full residential experience. “Ibiza Calm is like a cocoon environment, built for growth and clarity,” he explains. “Safety is a massive factor for helping people when they get to us.”

One of the first benefits patients will experience is a sense of relief, when they realise that within the Ibiza Calm safe haven, they no longer have to pretend to be something they are not. They can admit freely to real drinking patterns or spending habits and finally say out loud that they just aren’t coping – the types of things that were previously kept secret from loved ones or colleagues. “We call this the ‘white flag moment’,” says John. “There are a lot of things to come to terms with in order to start to feel good about yourself again.”

Once your body starts to get over the detoxification process, patients also realise how busy the addict mind can be. Through multi-disciplinary approaches – ranging from written assignments, group therapy, one-to-one sessions, mindfulness, nutritionally dense cuisine, physical fitness and intensive yoga sessions – patients slowly begin to come back to life, creating new headspace by letting go of major issues such as keeping secrets, continuous substance use, negative consequences, cravings and more.

For the experienced, extensive team at Ibiza Calm, every patient could be thought of as a uniquely human jigsaw puzzle – of which no two pieces are alike. Each therapist, medical professional, counselor, peer support members, yoga teacher, personal trainer, the chef (who just so happens to have a Michelin star background!) and even the housekeeping staff picks up a piece of the puzzle as they interact with their patients on a daily basis, slowly but surely, piecing them back together again.

“All of the information collected about a patient is fed back to the centre and processed on a daily basis for the client’s benefit,” says John of this detailed method of analysis. This can be anything from a client’s appetite, a shift in attitude after a phone call, messy bedrooms, bad dreams or energy levels – as there is no one size fits all approach to recovery, all bases need to be covered to ensure no issue goes unattended and no warning signs of relapse are missed.

Groups at Ibiza Calm are limited to between eight and ten patients to ensure maximum attention and care is given at all times. And while the program is very structured on a day-to-day basis, patients are also given free time to read, listen to music, play chess, table tennis, swim, sunbathe, write or just relax in a comfy corner – whatever they need to switch off from what can sometimes feel like an overload of internalising and externalising. Patients may also choose to visit a fellowship group such as AA or NA. Even these subtly casual factors at Ibiza Calm contribute to the feeling of a weight being lifted off your shoulders.

Being able to sleep well, focus, look people in the eye and repair any relationships that may have been damaged in the past are also huge benefits of the fully licensed program. “All of these things actually come back fairly quickly when you’ve got some feedback and self awareness to build on,” says John. “It’s not about giving people short cuts – it’s about getting rid of negativity, shame and guilt through a ‘mental spring clean’.” In addition to your newly detoxed body, your brain will most definitely thank you for the experience.

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