Ibiza wellness: Ibiza Retreats – Introducing Can Luminosa

As the island’s most respected and long-running health, wellness and yoga retreat organisation, Ibiza Retreats are experts when it comes to creating tailor-made transformational experiences for their discerning clientele. This includes designing and developing the right spaces for such escapes and 2018 sees the team open their second exclusive retreat location in Ibiza: Can Luminosa. Set within a beautifully restored finca and tower perched high on a mountain in the north of the island, the newly renovated property takes retreat living to the next level in terms of luxury, elegance, style and experience alike.

“It’s always been our dream to have a mountaintop location where you have as much nature as you do building,” says Ibiza Retreats founder Larah Davis. “The views are breathtaking and immediately serve to relax your mind and open your vision. We want people to take a breath and get ready to exhale up there. To feel, heal and transform.” The vision for Can Luminosa was to create a retreat space that exuded light-infused elegance while retaining the simplicity one needs for headspace on retreat. Whereas Casa Lakshmi Luz, the first retreat location opened by Ibiza Retreats, boasts a warm, welcoming and loving bohemian chic vibe, Can Luminosa reflects the needs of the heart-based organisation’s ever-growing list of corporate clients, high-flying world-travellers and high-level brands.

“Our retreats have always been inclusive,” explains co-director Susie Howell. “That’s what makes Ibiza Retreats so beautiful. We want everyone to be able to access the experience, no matter what background they are from. With the launch of Can Luminosa, we now have the space to respond to the needs of both our most discerning private clients and our corporate clients on the level they desire when bringing their teams to Ibiza.” Personalised service and attention to detail has always been at the heart of the Ibiza Retreats ethos, with a maximum of 12 guests welcomed on each of their signature group retreats to ensure a customised experience for each and every retreat-goer.

Can Luminosa possesses all the high-end finishes of a luxury Ibiza villa or five-star boutique hotel combined with the creature comforts of a retreat venue. From the moment you step over the threshold, it is instantly apparent you’ve arrived at a space of healing. From the fresh countryside air, fragrant with pine, thyme and rosemary to iconic views across the lush green hills and over the Mediterranean Sea to Formentera, made even more magical as the sun sets right before your eyes each night, it is as if the mountain was put there by Mother Nature to hold space for you. Some seriously impressive man-made elements, such as an infinity bio-pool, a tranquil yoga shala, beautifully landscaped outdoor spaces and bedrooms based on the healing vibrations and frequencies of different crystals, are the icing on the Can Luminosa cake.

“Most of our clients on retreat are coming out of big city or urban life or straight from a very digitally enhanced workspace,” says Larah of the desire to embrace and enhance the natural surroundings of Can Luminosa. “They are subjected to a huge amount of electromagnetic frequencies in daily life and this is proven to send us into an inflammatory state. It’s been shown that we can regulate this by walking barefoot in nature – called ‘earthing’ – and we have swept pathways for this across the entire mountaintop to create an amazing mandala installation with a centre point in the middle of a spiral maze.” She explains that the symbol of a spiral represents taking you inwards to connect with yourself at a deeper level, then to expand out again. “This is what all of our retreats do, in amazing, inspired, positive ways.”

In addition to the grounding natural pathways, the ‘Magic Forest’ at Can Luminosa also offers space for sound-healing circles, shamanic drumming, mantra chanting and meditation, plus chill out areas and perfectly placed hammocks strung between trees for many moments of self-reflection. The saltwater swimming pool is the ideal place to cool off on hot summer days, and on those occasions the island is blessed by rain, wood-burning fires create a cosy warmth indoors. Geographically, the property is above the famous towers of Balafia, which in ancient times was considered a place of sanctuary for Ibicencos – women and children would retreat to the area when the island was invaded. “The sense of retreat here is really beautiful,” says Larah. “You feel like you are coming home to the heartland of Ibiza.”

Understanding that a good night’s sleep is priority for clients on retreat, extra attention has been paid to the design of each bedroom at Can Luminosa. “Around 60-percent of people who come to us have sleeping issues,” says Larah. “This has become the norm in modern life and we want you to feel like you’re floating on a cloud from heaven when you sleep here.” The finishes and flourishes of each room are based on different crystals and the healing energies of their colourways and vibrations. “We are working on every sensory level to empower your healing frequency,” says Larah. “From healing music that will be piped around the property to crystals placed in each room to refract light and offer naturally mood-enhancing colour-therapy.”

The cuisine concept at Can Luminosa continues along the healing pathway, with a strong focus on using medicinal plants and the herbs found growing in abundance on Ibiza in all meals. “We’re going beyond creating healing herbal teas with island herbs,” says Larah. “We’re now working with a naturopathic nutritionist to infuse all our superb, flavour-filled food with locally sourced produce and the healing herbs that were once used as preventative medicine. They use this method in India, with Ayurvedic cuisine and so we’re upping our ante in this department so people can also bring the concept back into their daily lives after the retreat is over.”

Acknowledging the over-use of digital devices in our daily lives, a frequency neutralising altar complete with Ibiza salt, crystals and flowers is set up for clients to leave their phones at the beginning of each retreat, with designated areas set aside for those times when they may need to communicate with their families or workplace. “It’s about mindfulness with your own media usage and consciously creating the physical and emotional space you need to retreat with us,” explains Larah. “We’re very clear that Can Luminosa is a sacred space where people need their own privacy to be able to go through their own processes safely.”

Doors officially open on May 1, 2018 with the first scheduled retreat at Can Luminosa commencing on May 5. The retreat calendar includes their signature five group retreats which welcome individual guests: the popular Nourish Women’s empowerment, Harmonise Life Detox & Mindfulness Yoga retreat, Get Glowing Vinyasa Flow and Energy Recharge, Rejuvenate Holistic Fitness & Nutrition escape and the new for 2018, ‘The Bliss Sanctuary’.

Ibiza Retreats are also set to launch a series of all-new Family Friendly Yoga B&B retreats to cater for the increasing demand from mothers and fathers needing self-time and self-care, plus the need to forge screen-free connections with their growing broods, while also on offer are Healthy Hens plus Team-Empowerment and Corporate Brand Building wellness escapes. In addition to the calendar of events, Can Luminosa and Casa Lakshmi are both also available for bespoke retreat experiences, or to provide a base for other retreat leaders and teachers from around the globe who are looking to host their own retreats in Ibiza.

See the Ibiza Retreats website or contact the team via the link below for more details.