Welcome to the new home of Ibiza Retreats

Island wellbeing experts Ibiza Retreats have created a nurturing new home in the serene and spacious confines of their beautiful home base in 2016. Co-founders Larah Davis and Susie Howell welcome one and all to the beautiful new retreat space to teach and receive yoga, meditation and to explore a wealth of holistic techniques, spiritual practices and healing arts. The home from home luxury Ibiza retreat space they’ve lovingly created is the perfect destination to start your personal journey of transformation.


Island wellbeing experts Ibiza Retreats have created a nurturing new home in the serene and spacious confines of their beautiful home base in 2016. It’s a place to allow Ibiza’s nurturing energy to heal you, safe within the ancient whitewashed walls and idyllic gardens of a lovingly restored typical Ibicenc finca.

Here you can share abundance and wellbeing, inspired by the beautiful and benevolent Hindu Goddess Lakshmi who epitomes divine female energy. She embraces everything that life has to offer in each of the smiles on her many, magical faces. The elephant-headed god Ganesh is the overcomer of obstacles, so together with Lakshmi they create a space to be who you truly are.

You find altars and pujas dotted around, inviting you to pause and give blessings to the goddess of abundance, give thanks, set your own intentions for health and healing and to reconnect to your centre. The indoor shala features its own shrine to Lakshmi, not just for wealth and prosperity, yet also to discover your path to health and wealth on every level.

“It’s very appropriate for women leading the way,” explains Larah. “You can’t lead a truly healthy life if you’re pushing yourself all the time. You have to listen to what your heart and soul is asking for and then develop the courage to act on this and make the choices that are truly right for you, otherwise you end up with burnout, stress, high anxiety and fatigue.”

“Our vision was to offer sumptuousness in a naturally soulful and authentic environment, where you can take off the ‘have tos’ and release the ‘should dos’ of modern life, where you can feel totally at home and totally welcome to be yourself, to feel how you are feeling, whether uplifted or frustrated, without needing to justify… to explore your truths and reconnect with your deeper self, your essence, your dreams and your needs.”


Ibiza Retreats welcomes guests with a lotus flower, an ancient Sri Lankan Lakshmi flanked by two elephants spraying the manna of life over her head… and a loving embrace. The house is over 200 years old and has been carefully restored and beautifully finished whilst honouring the simplicity of her traditional architecture. The gardens are exquisitely abundant, with a lush Moroccan pool area plus plenty of shaded spots and secluded areas to take a moment for yourself as and when you need to.

The house whispers luxury living, peace and serenity, with a feeling of space not always found in these ancient dwellings, allowing for feelings of expansion as you grow along your transformational journey. Larah and Susie’s vision was to create relaxed yet luxurious interiors where the energy flows freely, impeccably designed with warm neutral colours, statement furniture and attention to detail. Incredible art and inspirational photography were all created by conscious Ibiza artists for whom yoga and wellness is an integral part of daily life.

The luxurious bedrooms are comfortable, roomy and carefully planned (and colour coordinated), from Sapphire, to Silver, many with private entrances. Sheets are naturally the best white cotton, with gorgeous mandala throws from Aurobelle adding colour and creativity. The sleek ensuite bathrooms have organic Ibiza body products at your disposal, and the overall feeling is of comfortable luxury.

While the space – which was sourced via Ibiza’s luxury property experts Gould Heinz & Lang – is occupied for much of the season with Ibiza Retreats events, external teachers and hosts are also invited to use the space to host their very own retreats in the available weeks.


The sound of softly running water creates a gentle melody to relax and find a new sense of harmony within the greenery. There are hammocks and parasols to soak up the magic, with bright magenta and violet bougainvillaea flowers creeping up white-washed walls and over dark wooden beams.

Fragrant jasmine delights your senses and dreamcatchers hang everywhere, inviting your imagination to fly free. The peace garden provides the sweetest silence, while the yoga and meditation garden invites you to step up handcrafted steps to begin your practise on the wooden deck. There you unwind body and mind to the cleansing sound of water flowing into a zen-lotus pond, harmonising with nature and your inner-self.

Up to five treatments can be given simultaneously in dedicated treatment spaces decorated with exquisite saris, with ‘peace pods’ framed by white curtains to close and savour your experiences in private afterwards, allowing you to integrate the benefits of your session with a cool lemon water or cup of herbal tea.


From herbal teas with leaves plucked fresh from the herb-garden, to the art by Simona and photographs of Lakshmi by Morten Keller on the walls, it’s all about keeping it in the family – the Ibiza family. On an island blessed with so many riches it would be foolish not to share them, sage, rosemary, thyme and mint teas rotate with ginger and lemon, using lemons picked from nearby trees.

Nearly all the products that reach your plate have been locally sourced, and in the boutique you can choose from a fabulous selection of organic Ibiza potions for face and body. You can kit yourself out in the latest boho chic fashion and adorn yourself with sparkling crystal and sandlewood malas necklaces to support your meditation, sourced by Jane of Aurobelle Ibiza, still carrying the scents of her own journeys through Ashram’s in India, spiritual retreats in Bali, inviting you to take a little bit of Ibiza home in your heart, or snap up the beautiful art, bed coverings and more should you like to take home a permanent reminder of your experience.


Only the finest freshest cuisine is served, with eggs and seasonal fruit and veg from the happy farm hens and warm earth of the neighbouring ecological farm Can Musson. Mayla, Maili, Chris and Lisa are your chefs, inspired by the knowledge that Mother Nature knows best. They create consciously with pure intentions, recognising that the energy they put into the food is ingested when you eat it.

Nutritional talks explain the benefits of eating mindfully to optimise nutritional absorption and the why’s of removing gluten, dairy products from cows and processed sugars to inspire your own cooking after your departure. Locally sourced seasonal produce provides all the vitamins and minerals you need, with lighter and more raw dishes during summer months, soothing soul food soups and nourishing curries combining Moroccan, Indian and Thai cuisine in the off-season.