Ibiza wellness: Acudetox – Drinking too much?

Now the 2017 summer season is officially wrapped up, many island residents and regular visitors find their minds turning to health and wellness, particularly if they’ve experienced a summer of excess. Autumn is known as a popular time for islanders to embark on detox programs, liver cleanses, weight loss regimes and revitalising health kicks but for some people, this can be a lot more difficult than it seems for others. Kath Berry of Acudetox has developed a sophisticated system that can help you on the road to recovery – whether from a mild dependency or compulsive and chronic drinking.

Dependence can range from a physical dependence, such as needing a drink to start the day to combat the shakes and trembles, to a psychological dependence, such as needing a drink to deal with certain situations or people, however Kath says it is often likely to be both. While for many adults, low to moderate alcohol use (one drink per day for women and just under two for men) causes few problems – and can even have health benefits including prevention of ischemic stroke, heart disease and gallstones – ultimately, drinking too much is a habit and one which may require professional help to gain control over.

With a Masters Degree in Addiction Medicine, plus extensive experience in private and public hospital rehabilitation centres in Australia and the USA, Kath has the skills and know-how to help people reduce or stop drinking and drug use. It’s important to note there are many different levels of behaviour that can be treated – it doesn’t have to be a full-blown case of alcoholism or addiction to require treatment. Kath assesses each case based on its own elements and triggers, tailoring treatment sessions to suit your needs, be it giving up alcohol and drug use completely or learning to set boundaries so it doesn’t get out of hand in the future.

Kath’s treatment uses a combination of specific acupuncture points and Chinese Medicince techniques designed to activate liver recovery. Statistics show that 91-percent of alcohol excretion takes place in the liver (with three-percent in the kidneys and six-percent in the lungs through breath and sweat), so this system is the ideal way to kickstart a low or no drinking program. In addition to cleansing the liver, acupuncture also promotes blood flow, stimulates the body’s built-in healing mechanisms, balances hormone function, boosts metabolic function, reduces stress and promotes peaceful sleep.

While working to help you get your drinking under control, Kath’s treatment will also help you lose weight, and fast. It’s common knowledge that alcohol is filled with calories, but did you know that just one glass of wine is the equivalent of eating a cheeseburger? It’s a slow creeper, as one glass of wine per night turns into half a bottle, and then as your tolerance is increased, into a whole bottle and then perhaps more – when you think of it in terms of five cheeseburgers (or more!) per day, suddenly that extra glass of red seems less and less appealing. Without it, you’ll also start to feel much more in control, lighter and clear-headed after treatment.

All consultations with Kath are strictly confidential – her strict client-practitioner code of ethics ensuring discretion at all times. On a small island such as Ibiza, it’s important to know your privacy is being protected, particularly when dealing with delicate subjects such as alcohol dependence. What happens in the treatment room, stays in the treatment room, however what does come out of there are the tools to help you take control over your own lifestyle. If after your consultation or treatment you feel further medical help is required, Kath has direct access to a private Addictions Medicine consultant – a renowned medical doctor and psychiatrist specialising in the addiction of alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, GHB and heroin among other things.

For those who are concerned about their drinking, Kath suggests some initial strategies to help deal with it on a day-to-day basis. “This includes identifying triggers and relapse situations, whether it may be a physical location such as a pub, club or restaurant or the time of day – for example after work,” she explains. “It may be social contacts with a certain person or people or your mood, such as anger, depression or stress.” Following this, she suggests introducing coping strategies for any high-risk trigger situations. “This could be to delay the urge to drink for one hour or one day,” she says. “Or to distract the mind with another activity such as deep breathing or brisk walking.” And of course, the most obvious (but not always easiest) being to avoid placing yourself in these high-risk situations.

Planning for bigger lifestyle changes is the ultimate goal, and Kath recommends exercise and sport as a great medicine – with the added benefits of weight loss. “Eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water, managing stress and practicing relaxation techniques can help,” she says. “Try reigniting hobbies and new interests. Explore your creative self.” And of course, never be afraid to ask for help – if you’re concerned about your own drinking, or someone else’s, Kath offers a free 30-minute consultation here in Ibiza – more information can be found on her website and you can call +34 638 423 575 to make an appointment.

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