Ibiza wellness: Acudetox – Tapping into the subconscious

Scientific research supports the idea that positive thinking leads to positive feelings. But there are times when negative feelings or issues are so deep-seated in our subconscious, it can feel that no matter how positive we try to be, the nagging negativity remains. It can also be difficult for some people – in the throes of anxiety, stress, depression, anger, overwhelm or other issues – to be able to see beyond the day to day feelings and into the future.

Here in Ibiza, Kath Berry of Acudetox works with a specialised treatment approach taught by the Accelerated Evolution Academy – a series of ‘processes’ that aim to tap into clients’ subconscious mental and emotional blocks and resolve issues that may be affecting their health and wellness. The basis of the ideal is to train ourselves to think differently, via a series of mental challenges that rewire the neural pathways of your mind.

Sound complex? Trying to explain it in layman’s terms can indeed be a little difficult – for some, terms such as neuro-plasticity or dorso-medial prefrontal brain system can cause instant confusion or even fear – however Kath describes the process to her clients like a results-driven, guided meditation that is rooted in neuroscience. Here, one of her clients* gives us the run-down on her recent experience with Kath in her Ibiza clinic. No long words. No complexities. Just an honest account of the process.

*Clients name has been omitted for confidentiality reasons.

“I initially came to Kath Berry seeking an acupuncture treatment for lower back pain, most likely caused from too many hours (and years!) spent at my computer. We were chatting afterwards and she told me acupuncture was also a great tool for things like anxiety, depression, sleeping problems, addiction and other mental health issues. The topic came up because I’d told Kath about my work and the many hours I work overtime (leading to my sore back) and said it was hard to take a break and quite stressful.

Six months later, things had spiralled downwards for me. I’d been in an accident, which further injured my lower back and although it was slowly getting better, I was finding it hard to be at the computer – yet my workload didn’t let up. I was also taking a lot of painkillers and hoping to find some alternative relief through the treatment. I had started suffering what I believed to be extreme anxiety, caused by a combination of injury, pain, work pressure and stress. Kath gave me a treatment that included acupuncture and cupping followed by a 30-minute guided meditation called the Universal Process.

The first thing she asked me to do was to recall my feelings of extreme overwhelm and anxiety. To bring myself into my most heightened state of agitation – which is not easy when you’re all comfy and wrapped in towels but once you think about it, all those niggly little work thoughts do creep back in. My body tensed up, I got tears in my eyes and my temples throbbed. Kath asked me to remember that feeling. Then we did the opposite. She asked me what was my idea of complete calm, complete relaxation. To me it wasn’t an idea, it was just a colour; the colour of the turquoise sea in Formentera – accompanied by the soft sound of the waves. I must admit, I felt a bit hippy dippy at this point – like really? My brain is creating whale music to keep me calm? How cliché! Well, I guess there is a reason day spas play it after all.

Then Kath – who was sitting to one side of me, but I wasn’t really conscious of where her voice was coming from, it was just subtle and supportive – asked me to lead myself into the extreme state of agitation, followed by the extreme sensation of calm. And we did this over and over again, each time bringing the sensations closer and closer together, until they almost fused as one. It was like a rush of white light, with an almost pulling, suction like sensation, out of my head and up towards the roof of the room. I have never experienced anything like it in my life and I have to say, I felt cleansed. I felt centred. I felt new. I felt positive. I felt like anything was possible. I was also buzzing after the treatment – although I had been completely still, it felt like energy had been surging through my body. So that was my first experience with the Accelerated Evolution Academy and Kath told me the process I had undergone was the first in a five-part series. I was interested to move onto the next step straight away, but you know… work got in the way.

Around a month later, it got to the point where was working around 18 hours a day, seven days a week and felt as if there was no way for me to escape this cycle, which had manifested in anxiety attacks so severe that I couldn’t breathe, see or hear for short periods and experienced heart palpitations. I was looking for a way to manage my stress levels and feelings of overwhelm without resorting to taking medication or leaving my job.

When I arrived for the treatment (it’s called Aspectics), I was a mess. Kath did clarify that it wasn’t essential for me to divulge the full details of my issues for the process to be effective, however I felt comfortable enough with her that I was happy to give her the run down before we began. She asked me some very simple questions about how I was feeling and what I was hoping to achieve and then we began with me lying down on her comfortable massage table. To be clear, it’s not a hands-on treatment; it was just nice to feel relaxed and comfortable – especially as I wasn’t quite sure what was to come.

The next step of the process was to visualise my ‘aspect’ as Kath called it. I had to call upon all my stresses and anxieties and negative feelings, give them a shape and colour to create form. I had to give it weight, an age and even decide how powerful it was. Almost giving it personality, in a way. The reason for this became clear quite quickly. Kath then asked me to direct a very specific question to my aspect – to ask it what its higher purpose was. What goal did it want me to achieve, by manifesting within my body in such a way. This is where it all got very interesting to me. While my initial thoughts were just ‘I don’t KNOW! Aren’t you here to tell me that?’ I persevered – because, well, once you’re on the table and committed to a treatment, you’re only cheating yourself if you don’t give 100-percent of your effort to participating in the process, right?

And then in between we would ask my aspect the question again. Each and every time I asked the question, I had a very powerful physical and visual reaction – sometimes it was that my feet itched, another time, my throat felt as though I had inhaled extremely cold air in one breath (though the atmosphere in the room hadn’t changed), and later I saw a flash of bright light across my eyes, which were closed. It was very, very visceral. I wasn’t forcing myself into these reactions – they were triggered automatically by the question.

With each reaction, I was asked to try and identify the goal of this – some were again cliché (I wanted to smack myself for being so obvious! A white space across my eyes? I wanted a clear mind. Itchy feet? I wanted to run. A blocked throat? I couldn’t express my feelings) and others were a lot harder to isolate. Kath continued to guide me with her voice to reach my own conclusions. Not once did she put an idea in my head or steer me to what she thought I was heading for. It was just constant support. I can’t tell you how many times we asked my aspect that question, maybe 20, maybe more – the treatment itself went for a little over an hour and a half, at which point Kath identified that I had reached the source of my higher purpose.

It was not unlike the sensation in the first treatment, that rush of white light going out of my head and upwards. Because I had reached my end point, all on my own (obviously with Kath’s guidance) and I felt a sense of achievement. But there was one question left for Kath to ask me. “What is the one thing you can do tonight, when you get home, that will allow you to hold onto this feeling?” she asked me. I thought about it and it was obvious. Just don’t open the damn laptop. Don’t look at your iPhone before you go to sleep. Shut the door (or device) on work for the night. Everything will still be there in the morning. So I told her. “And do you think you can do that?” Hmm. Good question.

Kath went on to explain that this final step of the process was like a trigger for my neural pathways to begin creating new patterns. I had cleared the negative belief patterns through the treatment, but if I didn’t set my brain off on a new path that evening, of course, quite logically, it will fall back into negative patterns and all that work would have been for nothing. “Yes.” I declared. And I did. I won’t say it was easy. I was buzzing after the experience and went home and wanted to Google neuroscience and neural pathways all night long (I’d had my treatment in the early evening), but I knew I could not open that laptop. And so I didn’t.

I’d felt such a strong sense of faith – in myself, in my brain and in Kath’s skills and knowledge – during the treatment I truly believed if I followed that instruction, then my brain really would begin to create new patterns. Did it help in my day-to-day life in the days and weeks that followed? Yes. Extremely. Kath had also explained to me that via identifying the feelings of extreme anxiety and extreme calm on my own, on the table, I could call on them at any time. So when an extremely stressful client situation arose not long after the treatment, I literally sat back and conjured (for want of a better word) that calm turquoise colour and the sound of the sea and it lowered my anxiety immediately.

Am I cured? Well, I would say that over time, I have lapsed into some bad patterns again and do experience a little anxiety, but definitely not as extremely as before. As with anything, such as stretching after exercise or eating well, I guess it takes time to build up a good habit and you need to work at it. But I am committed to working at it and I plan to have another treatment with Kath very soon – almost like a ‘top up’ of positive energy and thinking techniques. I was super impressed – I am not a big believer in esoteric treatments and so I will admit I was sceptical in the beginning, but the fact it was based in science really helped me put my all into it. And that visceral experience during the treatment – really seeing and feeling my mind and body work together like that – also helped me to have faith in the process.”

There are seven different processes Accelerated Evolution Practitioners such as Kath can use to treat clients. The firsthand experiences above relates to the Universal Process and Aspectics, and were selected based on that particular clients’ personal situation. “While we cannot control the things that happen to us – we can control how we respond, how we feel about them,” Kath explains. “By asking your subconscious why it is presenting you with this challenge, you tap into its positive ‘higher purpose’. In summary, rather than fighting a negative feeling, you listen to what it has to teach you about yourself and the life path you are on. By doing this, you diffuse it’s negative charge and it becomes a positive message – one that can be life-changing.”

At the moment, Kath – who has a Masters degree in acupuncture for drug and alcohol addiction – is developing a treatment program that involves eight to ten sessions over a two-month period, combining acupuncture, massage and cupping with the Accelerated Evolution process. Whatever the reason you are seeking treatment, using these tools to tap into the subconscious can create positive change – physically and mentally alike. “Pain is a natural ‘gateway’ for people to find acupuncture,” she says, noting that the treatment can be used for a variety of issues as mentioned above. “Later on, people discover that it can treat a lot more conditions.” And that’s where her new treatment program comes in.

With a direct consultation with Kath, she can determine which process will be best to suit your needs and lifestyle, and treatments can take place in Kath’s clinics in Marina Botafoch, Santa Eulalia or in your own home. Alternatively, they can also take place over Skype if you’re not here in Ibiza. Just some of the issues that can be treated in this manner include lack of confidence – professionally or personally, anger or jealousy issues with spouses and children, overwhelm with commitments, self-doubt, feelings of shame, fears associated with ageing and health plus addressing your overall sense of purpose. Think positive and the rest will follow… particularly with an expert such as Kath on your side. Call +34 638 423 575 to make an appointment.

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