Akeso Acupuncture – Going under the needle

‘Acupuncture’s not for me… I don’t like needles.’ So says half the world’s population, without actually having experienced the incredibly healing (and completely painless) ancient treatment in their lives. Santosh Kaur, a highly qualified and experienced acupuncturist who divides her time treating patients between Ibiza and London, is confronted by this preconceived notion on a day-to-day basis. She says it is these patients however, who often go on to become the most receptive to the treatment once they’ve committed to a session.

“Around 70-percent of my patients express a concern their first time,” she explains. “But as soon as they enter the treatment room, I can feel their anxiety decrease. They know they’re in a safe place and I can talk them through the process after their initial consultation so they know what to expect.”

Put simply – you will barely feel a thing. Santosh is a master of her craft, gently wielding her needles, herbs and cupping elements like a painter elegantly designing their work. The patient’s eyes are closed, and they’ll feel an oh-so-slight sensation as the needle is inserted into the skin but it is never anything like what they’d anticipated in their heads. Once the first needle goes in, the rest is a breeze. In fact, many people find Santosh’s treatments completely relaxing, returning again and again once they’ve experienced the health-enhancing benefits for themselves.

Boasting a Masters degree in Chinese Herbal Medicine in addition to her acupuncture qualifications, which include four advanced courses in leading hospitals in China plus her initial education at Westminster, Santosh has hosted her Akeso Acupuncture practice in Ibiza at the beautiful Hot Yoga Ibiza studio since 2012, on the outskirts of Ibiza town in Can Misses. Her extensive knowledge, ongoing experience and warm, welcoming and assuring ‘bedside manner’ makes it easy for a patient to relax under her care.

Her clients come from all walks of life, and all corners of the globe. Over the years, Santosh has found herself specialising in many women’s issues, including infertility related complaints, menstruation irregularities, polycystic ovary syndrome, menopause and more. “Being a woman myself, I feel an affinity with these treatments. I can relate and treat them very effectively,” she says.

This is just one strand under the enormous acupuncture umbrella however, as Santosh also works closely with patients with psycho emotional complaints, such as what is commonly known as depression, stress and grief. “By looking at where the body has become out of balance and alignment, or by understanding how emotions relate to physical organs, I can use my ‘tools’ – acupuncture, Tui Na Massage and Chinese herbal medicine – as a course of medication as one would administer in Western medicine,” she explains. “It’s a very non-invasive way to recover.”

Bringing harmony and balance to her patients is a passion for Santosh, who firmly believes you cannot label people or put them in boxes pertaining to certain conditions. Each and every case is treated as unique, with Santosh spending much time isolating the root of an issue before going on to treat it.

Physical complaints too, can benefit from the 5000-year proven history of acupuncture. “I see a lot of people with muscular skeletal concerns, and also treat pre and post op patients to promote healing and ease pain naturally,” Santosh says. In today’s modern hospitals, acupuncture is suggested widely and commonly by GPs for this exact reason.

Going into more specific medical concerns, Santosh effectively treats conditions such as blood pressure issues, anaemia, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, endometriosis, migraines, morning sickness, skin concerns such as psoriasis, dermatitis, boils and even tumours. “It depends on the type of tumour of course – if it is malignant, I work alongside Western medicine; if it’s benign, we can work to shrink the mass with Chinese Herbal Medicine and acupuncture combined.” There really is no concern that could not benefit from going under the needle – so to speak!

On a personal level, Santosh radiates warmth and goodness – immediately dispelling any fears or preconceptions for prospective patients. She is a firm believer in doing what you love and loving what you do. Regular students at the Hot Yoga Ibiza studio will know she is also a yoga devotee, practicing non-heated classes such as Ashtanga and CORE 40, and dedicating much of her time to commit to her own healthy mind, body and spirit. “Buddha says there is no way to happiness,” Santosh tells us. “Happiness is the way. I try to live according to these principles.”

Santosh offers all clients a free consultation prior to any treatment – a rarity in today’s society – and then according to the diagnosis, will prescribe a combination of treatments and Chinese herbs. Santosh will next be in Ibiza and is available for treatments from June 29, 2016 and bookings are recommended. Contact Santosh in Ibiza on +34 622 782 660, in the UK on +44 7956 391 039 or via email santosh@akesoacupuncture.com.