Ibiza wellness: Almond Blossom Sanctuary – The Art of Healing

It was a flash of serendipity that led to the creation of Ibiza’s newest and most unique retreat. The seeds of the idea had been sewn years previously in the minds of all three founding members, so when Ksenia Goryainova and Nina-Fee Konrad met first in a chance encounter at a friend’s dinner, the semblance of a shared dream began to take shape.

“From the moment we met there was a spark,” explains Ksenia. “We just wanted to hug! And then when we met a week later we just started creating straightaway. There was a calling between us,” she adds. Nina reaffirms there was an instant connection. “We were immediately on the same page – it was magic!” she says.

The concept evolved into Almond Blossom Sanctuary, home to The Art of Healing Retreat, an all-encompassing retreat in which the mind, body, heart and soul are treated simultaneously, encouraging you to step outside pre-existing comfort zones in order to reach your personal optimum potential – free of fear; full of love.

“We wanted a place of healing with no limitations”, explains Nina, and with her training as a Quantum Energy and Life Awareness Coach, plus Ksenia’s background in Hatha yoga teaching, therapy and meditation, they almost had the complete package. All they needed now was a third partner with extraordinary culinary skills.

As chance would have it, they manifested that person the very same day. Her name was Ruby Balthazar, a Holistic Detoxification Specialist – often fondly referred to by her partners as the ‘juice queen’ – and the missing piece of the Almond Blossom Sanctuary puzzle.

Their first meeting was a huge success and from that moment on, the trio has been working tirelessly to realise their shared dream, with explosive results. “We’re great on our own but it’s nothing compared to when we’re together,” says Ksenia – and it’s true, they emanate palpable energy as a threesome.

Each of the women has a story behind why they wanted to set up Almond Blossom Sanctuary. Ksenia had a high-flying job in fine jewellery; Nina was an internationally well-known embryologist; Ruby was a super successful model. And yet, like many, somehow they still felt empty inside – like there was more to be discovered.

Having embarked on their own personal transformations over a number of years, they were all inspired to help others. “A lot of people need healing,” says Nina. “Whether it’s heartbreak, burnout or co-dependency… we help them face their fears and childhood traumas so they can open up and release.”

It’s this dedication to healing on an emotional, spiritual and physical level that sets them apart and draws people of all ages and walks of life to Almond Blossom Sanctuary. “We want to light people up with our own happiness,” says Ksenia, and it has to be said, this unrelenting enthusiasm really is contagious.

In fact, it’s the alluring magnetism of the girls’ personalities combined that makes Almond Blossom Sanctuary’s charm so rare. “A lot of people are inspired by us and our stories,” Ksenia continues. “We create a space of unconditional love and through expression, we can finally begin to accept ourselves.”

This is why such a broad diversity of people sign up for the retreat. “We’ve had everyone from teenagers and CEOs to yoga teachers and pensioners come and stay with us,” Ksenia says. “We make space for transformation of their core, so they can continue evolving once they’re home with the help of the tools they’ve learnt.”

So what can you expect from The Art of Healing Retreat? There is a consultation with Ruby to discuss your health history, past and genetics, so she can help devise a personal plan to help you detoxify. There are yoga classes and creative journaling with Ksenia, and transformative one-on-one coaching sessions with Nina.

That’s among a range of other cutting edge techniques and treatments, including karmic numerology, cupping, holistic fitness and more, which come courtesy of an extended team of therapists. “They help us get to the root of the cause – we don’t just work on the symptoms here,” explains Ruby.

All of this takes place in a healing oasis – a stunning villa with a pool that emanates calm; a place with beautiful water features, serene music and evocative incense, where you can relax your shoulders and really begin to feel at ease in your own skin. Retreats are scheduled to take place from 16-23 September, 14-21 of October, 22-28 of October, 4-11 of November and 11-18 of November, 2017.

The ultimate aim, of course, is to help people reach their full potential by releasing them from the shackles of their own struggles. “Some people have been suffering for so long,” says Nina earnestly. “Seeing the change is our reward – changing a life is a feeling I can’t describe.”

As Ruby elaborates, Almond Blossom Sanctuary is a place to come to learn the skills you need to step out of your limitations. “Life is a long journey, not a final destination. Relax into it and be okay with whatever comes up.” And with these girls on your side, you can trust that transition becomes a whole lot easier.

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