Ibiza wellness: Andino Retreats – Innovative energy

There is a new and exciting retreat on the block and it’s unlike anything the island has ever seen or experienced before. Introducing Andino Retreats, the one-of-a-kind retreat gathering for the first time in Ibiza, ready to delve deep into ancestral magic and energetic attraction, based on the philosophies and teachings of the original indigenous people to build and achieve one’s desired reality and potential.

The cutting edge retreat is led by Andean Priestess Zornitsa Atanasova Zlatleva, who herself has participated in a 13-year journey along the path of therapeutic magic and healing. Zornitsa specialises in therapies including Chinese medicine, Feng Shui, Shiatsu, psycho Andean shamanism among others and seeks to help those who want to connect with their heart, energies and essence. She was initiated into the Andean priesthood after deeply connecting with her own consciousness. “I learned how to use my energies to reprogram my life and patterns, to be myself without judgement and to be in control over the body, mind, energy and emotion,” Zornitsa recalls.

The priestess became enthralled by the Andean Cosmic Vision and dove deep into Q’eros culture to learn the expert healing techniques available by reaching higher levels of consciousness. “The Q’eros are decedents of the Incas, who are believed to hold a sacred prophecy about great change, where harmony and order would be restored, ending the chaos and disorder,” the priestess says of her studies and social involvement with the indigenous. “Today they share their culture and education worldwide.”

Born in Bulgaria and now based in Catalunya, Priestess Zornitsa serves at the centre of Espai Munay, a sanctuary dedicated to personal, emotional and energetic growth. “Espai Munay seeks to empower people with the tools to heal or change what they do not like in their life by quantum therapies, metaphysical rituals, energetic alchemy processes via shamanism and psycho-magic and most importantly, to connect with the heart,” Zornitsa says.

Choosing Ibiza as the host for Andino Retreats was an obvious choice according to Zornitsa. “Ibiza is a magical island. She’s so beautiful while possessing a subtle, nourishing energy. Surrounded by water, pure emotion and covered by blue skies, the excitement and passion that people will feel will be the fire. It is the perfect place to balance all the elements within us.” The innovative retreat takes place in a gorgeous villa, in the peaceful countryside of Ibiza – the perfect setting to learn to seduce and attract people, situations and the reality you want to achieve consciously.

Participants can expect a weeklong experience of understanding, accepting and integrating living energy, magnetic energy, the energy of attraction and seduction of creative energy. While Zornitsa prefers not to be referred to as a retreat guide, she ensures she shares and accompanies the processes triggered by the experience; many people re-connect with themselves, learn to re-know themselves and connect with their essence and presence in life. “The energy change occurs when the person to achieve it is at the centre of it and understands the importance of being consistent,” she says of the experience.

During the time spent in the beautiful retreat villa, Andino Retreats guests have the option to enjoy yoga, tai-chi, chi-kung and meditation daily. Each day features a different workshop ranging from individual and group involvement and includes visual exercises connecting to the self, connecting feminine energy with masculine energy, the essence of love, the physical and biological law of attraction, discussions on sacred sexual energy, learning the functions of chakras and connecting to the four elements of earth, air, wind and fire. There is also a celebration of All Hallows’ Eve and a new moon night of magic and empowerment.

Andino Retreat takes place from Thursday October 27 until Wednesday November 2, 2016 and guests have the choice to include or exclude accommodation during that time, meaning it’s also ideal for island residents to take part on a daily basis. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and vegetarian dinner is included in the price, or if one wishes to detox during the period of the retreat, a specific detox option is also available.

“Magic is in everything,” Zornitsa says. “For me everything I do has purpose and meaning, so every act in my everyday life turns into something sacred. It’s possible to convert magic into an everyday thing – any act can be magical and one can serve as a healer if they so choose. I invite everyone to open their hearts to magic. To learn how it feels to be worthy, let your essence wake up and listen to your heart to allow a connection to feel whole. We can then be responsible and begin to choose our lives.”

Contact retiros.andino@gmail.com for more information, prices and to book your place.

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