Ibiza wellness: Last minute offer! Andino Retreats

About this Ibiza retreat: Taking place from Thursday October 27 until Wednesday November 2, 2016, Andino Retreats, is a one-of-a-kind retreat gathering for the first time in Ibiza, ready to delve deep into ancestral magic and energetic attraction, based on the philosophies and teachings of the original indigenous people to build and achieve one’s desired reality and potential.

The cutting edge retreat is led by Andean Priestess Zornitsa Atanasova Zlatleva, who herself has participated in a 13-year journey along the path of therapeutic magic and healing. Zornitsa specialises in therapies including Chinese medicine, Feng Shui, Shiatsu, psycho Andean shamanism among others and seeks to help those who want to connect with their heart, energies and essence.

As a last minute offer for White Ibiza readers, Andino Retreats has reduced the cost of the retreats experience to 1000€ per person in a suite, 700€ per person in a twin-share room or 350€ for residents (excluding accommodation). Breakfast, lunch, snacks and vegetarian dinner is included in the price, or if one wishes to detox during the period of the retreat, a specific detox option is also available.

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