Ibiza wellness: Business Evolution Power – Enhancing authority in the workplace

Clichés such as ‘It’s tough at the top’ or ‘That’s why they pay you the big bucks’ are the type of old school business ideals that create feelings of loneliness, increase stress levels, cause problems at home and lead to burn out for entrepreneurs and managers. Which is certainly not what you want when you’re running a successful Ibiza business, guiding teams through busy day-to-day operations or navigating the world of a start-up. In today’s business world, successful leaders are those who can consciously own their authority and use it to create a happy, harmonious and prosperous workplace. But when you’re so busy being busy, how can you dedicate time to working on your awareness?

Sharon Loerzer – a professional Sa’Sen Yin Therapist, mother of three and former restaurateur – understands the struggle all too well and has developed a training course designed to train entrepreneurs, managers, chefs, teachers and key company members from all types of industries to hold their authority and live hierarchy in a healthy way. Having worked as a family therapist for over 20 years, she began seeing similarities between parenting struggles with business struggles, with many of her clients seeking her services outside the parameters of her Family Evolution Centre business. And so, its sister branch, Business Evolution Power was born.

“This type of personal development work is much needed everywhere, and very much so here in Ibiza,” Sharon says of her decision to branch out. “I see where my clients struggle and it’s not the fault of their circumstances – it has to do with how they’re carrying themselves. Problems are always going to come in the workplace – the solutions depend on how you deal with them.” The problems Sharon refers to can be any type of issue – from staff dynamics and disobedient employees to wastage of time and money or rapid turnover of staff. They also include feelings of exhaustion, being overextended, feeling trapped or isolated on a personal level.

Sound familiar? The fast-paced pressure of seasonal work in Ibiza can contribute even more to such stresses – the pressure to bring in money in such a short space of time, the threat of a dry winter spell up ahead and needing to recruit quality staff you can trust. “There’s a certain psychological pressure with seasonal work,” says Sharon. “The lack of security can make people panic.” At the same time, on-island businesses that remain open all year round can also suffer from the pressure to perform in the off-season; to provide stable jobs for their existing employees or manage efficiently on a skeleton staff. Whether you’re an all-year-rounder or in a seasonal based profession, Business Evolution Power teaches essential tools to face these challenges head on.

“I wouldn’t call them tricks,” Sharon says earnestly. “What I teach is a way of being. The training is a way of highlighting what you’ve already got inside you, and enhancing it. It’s about comfortably opening your eyes to your blind spots and finding the missing keys that are inside you. It’s creating inner cues that turn intentions into actions – really walking your talk.” Based on a six-week module comprised of weekly two-hour sessions, the next instalment of the Business Evolution Power course commences in Ibiza at the end of January 2018, and again in March and May – with these months chosen to accommodate those who understandably can’t take on any extra time commitments during the high summer slog. “Timing is essential,” explains Sharon. “People need time to absorb the work they’re doing, though I continue with trouble shooting sessions all year round.”

Group sessions take place within the four walls of Sharon’s workspace on the east coast of the island – a space she describes as a vault. “I am extremely discreet,” she assures. “Nobody, apart from me, will ever know who has been here. If two members from the same company come to me privately, neither will ever know about the other. It’s also lovely to see this discretion carried through my groups. I have seen groups make pacts between each other never to speak about their issues outside my door. I think they all find it refreshing to have found somewhere to be so discreet.” A maximum of 12 participants per group allows Sharon to give a high level of personal attention to each person in the group. “I work intensely and interactively,” she says. “You can’t just leave your problems at the door and sit quietly in the group. I want to know what’s keeping you up at night.”

Describing herself as very straightforward, honest, tenacious and compassionate, Sharon’s aim with the course is to bring humanity into business. Born in Ibiza, she was raised between the white isle and Ontario, in what she calls ‘a hands-on restaurant family’ and was in the hospitality industry for over 30 years, working from the ground up to understand each and every level of position from cleaning and head chef roles to waiter and management. That’s in addition to studying at the University of Toronto and raising three kids! It was the desire for a change in her own life that led her to encounter her spiritual teacher Ria Panen – the founder and creator of Sa’Sen Yin training – 25 years ago.

“I was looking for therapy and found it so swift, effective and surprising,” she says of her first experience with Sa’Sen Yin therapy. “It helped me, it helped my children and I felt like I couldn’t do without the training myself. My focus started to find its right goal.” After completing her training, she began focusing on work with families and children, until her path led her to create Business Evolution Power. She regularly updates her training with Ria – an ongoing relationship which allows her to practice what she preaches. Although one could hardly call her discussion-based workshops and conscious workplace exercises preachy! “My feedback is to the point,” she says succinctly. “I help people become clear about what’s really going on, not what they wish was going on.”

No matter what the issues you are facing in your business, Business Evolution Power can guide you to finding the right solution, understanding that each individual’s struggles are unique. “It’s not only about bringing you to your own version of authority,” says Sharon. “It’s also about your dream, and how you can inspire others to be part of that dream. This takes a lot of inner poise and I’m here to help people develop that.” At the end of the course – and in fact, you’ll see changes begin to happen throughout its duration – you’ll find you waste less time, struggle less to get things to happen and make choices that are beneficial to both yourself and your business without feeling conflicted, thus generating more success. “We waste an awful lot of time and energy resolving conflicts,” says Sharon. “This is about not creating those conflicts in the first place.”

For Sharon, true satisfaction comes the moment she sees a transformation in people. “The transformation is what happens when the penny drops,” she says. “It clicks inside and their sense of autonomy starts to grow. The solution is inside and they are living it. It becomes a way of being.” Courses can be done in English, Spanish or German and in addition to her Ibiza-based group sessions, Sharon also works with clients in London and Vancouver. For those further afield, Skype sessions are also available and for businesses who’d like to enroll their staff in a group course, Sharon has the flexibility to create tailored sessions on weekends. “I absolutely love it,” she says of the new direction her work has taken her in. “I get quite excited with the groups. I push up my sleeves and say, oh we’ve got something juicy to work on here – let’s go for it!”

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