Can Domingo – Gluten free & vegan menu concept

Understanding the varied tastes and dietary requirements of their global clientele, Can Domingo – the beautiful countryside fine dining restaurant in the hills of San Jose – introduces new vegan and gluten free dishes to its gourmet menu for the 2015 season.

Traditional Italian cuisine has always catered to vegetarians, long before it was ‘fashionable’. And so as Italians, the team behind the restaurant are no strangers to vegetarian cuisine – after all, in Italy (the land of pasta, risotto, vegetables, olive oil and pure sunshine) there are regions such as Liguria and Puglia where most kitchens serve primarily dishes made only from fresh vegetables. Staying true to his heritage, chef Giuseppe Vivacqua has created vegetarian menu options in an Italian fine dining style, steering away from the typical Asian stir-fries many restaurants supply these days.

Much of the produce used in Can Domingo’s kitchen is plucked directly from the onsite organic botanic garden, which is farmed directly under the chef’s specific instructions. The restaurant’s signature gluten-free dish ‘Bajo el Almendro’ (which translates to ‘under the almond tree’) is exactly as the name suggests – showcasing all ingredients that have grown in the garden under the shade of the ancient almond tree. A delicious puree of dry broad beans, topped with fresh green beans, more broad beans, sautéed fresh onions, Ibicenco chard pesto, a roasted orange sauce and almond milk foam, it is a natural taste sensation.

An organic lentil soup (featuring four types of lentils) served with Ibicenco herbs also takes advantage of the daily freshness from the garden. A selection of organic, gluten-free flour pasta is available, and can be substituted with all pasta dishes, in addition to the star dish of pumpkin gnocchi made with smoked ricotta cheese from Friuli and poppy seeds. Rice lovers will love the selection of four high quality rice varieties, grown in rice paddies in Italy flooded with water from a high above glacier and chosen especially by the chef for use at Can Domingo – where only a very limited amount of rice is produced, making it all the more desirable.

For those with a sweet tooth, all dessert milks and cream come directly from the Santa Gertrudis Dairy Farm, and unrefined organic cane sugar, organic Ibicenco honey and rice malt are used as healthy sweeteners, alongside organic or homegrown fruits. Drawing on these elements, chef Vivacqua has created a very special gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan dessert – the ‘Tropical 2015’ – a coconut milk and rice milk pannacotta sweetened with rice malt and topped with divine tropical fruits. A vegan tiramisu is also on the menu, and in addition to all the wonderful cuisine options, Can Domingo also boasts a large selection of organic and vegan wines to complete your fine dining experience.

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