Ibiza wellness: Cotton Fitness Club – Ibiza’s new fitness frontier

For Christian and Merete Marstrander, the globetrotting couple behind the famed Ibiza-based Cotton brand, the key to opening a successful venue lies in creating the kind of service you’ve always personally searched for. As fitness enthusiasts who visit the gym or participate in sports six days a week, they understood the need for a high-end wellness centre in Ibiza that would tick all the boxes from state of the art gym equipment and a health-conscious menu to a glamorous beach club setting.

“We know it’s time consuming to do fitness, go home and shower and then go to a beach club,” Christian explains of the pair’s pioneering new venue. “We wanted to start a really amazing fitness club in Ibiza that did it all.” Set on San Antonio’s stunning coastline, Cotton Fitness Club is unlike any other place in Ibiza. A gym, beach club, bar, restaurant and relaxation hub all rolled in together, it’s a one-stop shop for all your fitness and wellness needs – precisely what the Marstranders had in mind when they first decided to launch the new concept.

Though some members may choose to take part in a morning workout, grab a smoothie and then head out to work, or onto any of Ibiza’s beaches, it’s also easy – and encouraged – to while away an entire day at the stylish Calo des Moro venue. With panoramic views out to sea and the spectacular Ibiza sunset, Cotton Fitness Club is open from 7am until 11pm daily and offers a range of innovative fitness and yoga classes, personal training sessions, first-class massages and the kind of delicious, healthy menu – made to order by chefs trained in Michelin star restaurants in Peru, no less – to kickstart you on the path to personal happiness and wellbeing.

The best part is it’s not only members who get to enjoy the Cotton Fitness experience. A range of membership options – from all-year round and VIP to drop-in day passes – are available, meaning the club and its high-end facilities are accessible to locals and tourists alike. Needless to say, a day spent at Cotton Fitness Club is a day well spent…

While motivation to complete a morning workout may sometimes be low, as a member or visitor of Cotton Fitness Club, you’ll be eager to hop on a treadmill as soon as you wake up. Floor to ceiling windows in the gym and an outdoor fitness space allow you to gaze into the great blue beyond, pondering the beauty of nature rather than watching the timer on your clock slowly countdown – simply because of your surroundings, you’ll find your morning routine a pleasure rather than a chore.

In addition, the state of the art Technogym equipment makes your quest for fitness much more enjoyable, and with a personal trainer always on hand to give guidance and assistance, any niggling questions you may have been afraid to ask now have an easy solution. If cardio at the break of dawn isn’t your style, sign up for a relaxing morning yoga class instead with the island’s best instructors onboard to guide you through a variety of styles as you, quite literally, salute the sun. Taken in the outdoor glow of morning light, it will prepare your mind and body for the day that lies ahead.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, take a seat on the alfresco terrace and refuel your body with some tasty culinary goodness and views of the sparkling Med. The Cotton Fitness Club menu is overflowing with healthy options that embody the notion of eating clean, allowing you to indulge without a conscience. Sample old favourites with a new twist, such as the egg white omelette filled with fresh broccoli, cherry tomatoes and other fresh veggies or a tasty tostada with tomato and avocado mousse, or new treats including kefir and fresh fruits, red chia pudding and so much more.

Superfoods are found bursting from every page of the menu; with the homemade cacao paste served with quinoa pancakes and the super açai bowl both showstoppers worth writing home about. But whatever you choose, you can rest assured each dish is bursting with vitamins and goodness that will replenish your body’s stocks post workout, allowing it to recover at an optimum rate.

As the day goes on at Cotton Fitness Club, the process of recovery continues poolside on one of the club’s sleek white sunbeds. There are few finer things in life than a lazy morning and afternoon spent soaking up the Balearic sunshine beneath blue skies, and after a workout at the gym or session with a personal trainer, you’ve definitely earned it. Lounge in comfort while admiring the sparkling sea before you; order a fresh, fruity smoothie to be delivered directly to your bed and revel in the unparalleled bliss of living the quintessential Ibiza day.

If you’re looking to take relaxation to the next level, take your pick from a carefully curated menu of massages that can rejuvenate, relax or heal, depending on your requirements. From lymphatic drainage and bioenergy to cupping, osteopathy and even beauty treatments, you’re in the best of hands. As is customary in all Cotton venues, guests are taken care of by dedicated and highly trained staff members who always go one step beyond when it comes to anticipating your needs. Oh – and did we mention the money can’t buy view from the massage deck?

Once maximum chill levels have been achieved, it’s probably time to replenish once again, but only with something healthy, of course. Served from 1 PM until 11 PM, the à la carte menu at Cotton Fitness Club is a lesson in Mediterranean fusion excellence. To start, choose from options like the freshest sea scallop carpaccio, salmon ceviche or vegetable quinoa salad. Mains include vegetable tacos, salmon burgers – served between broccoli bread, naturally – and rice with octopus and squid among many other vibrant plates of pure pleasure.

Each dish packs a flavour punch while maintaining the restaurant’s health-focused essence, so you can indulge and enjoy in the knowledge your body’s wellbeing has been made paramount. Tables are not only limited to those who’ve used the gym or health centre however – Cotton Fitness Club is a dinner destination in its own right thanks to the outstanding views, impeccable service and excellent food. Walk-ins are welcome – though reservations will be recommended once word gets out!

As the sun begins to sink closer to the horizon, the time comes to round off your Cotton Fitness Club experience. With front row seats to Ibiza’s most famous nightly show (of the natural variety, anyway), there’s nowhere better on the island for it. The sun sets directly in front of the club, which offers a multitude of ways to enjoy it. Stick to your sunbed and order a cocktail – take your pick between alcoholic and virgin – as the countdown begins. Time your dinner to coincide with sundown, take a table on the terrace and tuck into the enticing menu.

Alternatively get your pulse racing on one of the outdoor training machines while watching the sky merge into a kaleidoscope of colours with unspoilt views over the Med. This is an experience head personal trainer Michelle Robertson describes as “life-changing” – and she’s not wrong. A place to discover the real Ibiza while also spearheading a brand new fitness and relaxation concept, Cotton Fitness Club is a European first that promises to put you first, whatever the time of day.

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