Ibiza wellness: Cotton Fitness Club – Live your best life

Take a second to consider what you’d include if you had the opportunity to influence your dream gym. Would you combine elements like a great view to enjoy while you’re working out, fantastic food, sunset yoga sessions, and (don’t say this part aloud), maybe even a tasty cocktail or two? Because you know, to be healthy and well, we don’t actually need to restrict ourselves entirely. After all, the whole idea of wellness should mean living a full, complete life. If any of these factors came to mind, you need to head to Cotton Fitness Club, which praise be, features them all.

Cotton Fitness Club is a gym like no other. Set at the quiet, secluded end of sunset strip in San Antonio, it boasts a completely unique setting with sea views to admire while you’re pounding the treadmill throughout the day, and at night, front row seats for Ibiza’s most famous spectacle – sunset. Now in its second year, the venue has firmly established itself as the most glamorous, appealing gym on the island and this summer, it’s set to launch even more events and perks to lure you into its fitness net. “The feedback from last year was excellent,” explains, club owner, Christian Marstrander. “But this year we’ll be adding even more events and classes to the club’s schedule.”

This means there’s much to look forward to, because alongside all the factors which put Cotton Fitness Club at the top of your list anyway, now there’s more incentive than ever to get fit. Unsurprisingly, a lot of this additional activity is going to focus around sunset, a time when Cotton Fitness Club really comes into its own. “We want our clients to have the ultimate sunset experience,” says Christian. “So we’ll be serving something special as well as juices, wines, Champagne and cocktails.”

This is where Cotton Fitness Club really differs, because their outlook doesn’t involve cutting back or missing out – they genuinely promote an ‘everything in moderation’ approach, which is a breath of fresh air when it comes to embarking on a fitness journey. No one really wants to forgo everything they enjoy in life to look good, and here, you don’t have to. It’s easy and entirely expected to have a juice while you work out and then follow it up with a cocktail at sunset. “It might surprise some people that we serve alcohol at Cotton Fitness Club,” muses Christian. “But if you train a lot and your diet is based on nutritious food, why wouldn’t you enjoy a few glasses of wine? Denying yourself is not what we’re about.”

Those already liking the sound of this ethos will be thrilled to hear that Cotton Fitness Club are also hosting their very own retreats this year, which are set to be something really special – and retreats on which you won’t be expected to live on water and air. “Our retreats are going to be really premium,” says Christian. “From relaxing and being pampered in a super villa to jumping on a jet-ski after a session at Cotton Fitness Club, and then zipping over to Cotton Beach Club in Cala Tarida – it’s going to be spectacular.”

In fact, they’re promising that clients will go home with memories to last a lifetime, and that seems highly probable when you consider that a team of phenomenal chefs, sommeliers, therapists and all manner of experts that have been hired to oversee the experience. “The retreats really are going to be next level,” emphasises Christian. “It’s going to be five-star luxury treatment from the second we collect you from the airport. There’ll be boot camps and yoga and fitness workshops, all in exceptional locations, plus we go outdoors and explore the beautiful nature we have on our doorstep.”

The new retreats are launching soon, but in the meantime, you can still soak up the many delights of Cotton Fitness Club. Stop by for a workout, indulge in a healthy breakfast, take part in a yoga session at sunset followed by a cocktail and anything from the magical menu encompassing Spanish, Brazilian, European and Asian influences. Far from being just a gym, this is a venue where you’re encouraged to really make the best of life. “The key to good life is living your life with balance,” smiles Christian. And there’s a fitness ideology we can finally all embrace.