End of summer detoxing with Ibiza Balance

As the summer starts to wind down, many peoples’ thoughts start to turn to health and wellness, primarily, the idea of detoxing and purification. In today’s society, a detox doesn’t have to be a difficult process, or an experience that makes you suffer – an outdated concept that needs to be forgotten. Here in Ibiza, customised detox programs have been created by experts such as Anika Holting of Ibiza Balance, to ensure your entire detox experience is as wonderful as a summer holiday break.

Ibiza Balance offer three detox programs, all of which take place in the comfort of your own home, or holiday villa. A popular option is to add a detox program onto the end of your Ibiza holiday, so you can spend time putting back in what an action-packed week has taken out, and of course, there are many wellness-seekers who come to Ibiza purely for the purpose of detoxing amongst the island’s stunning nature.

Whether you are undertaking the experience alone, or as part of a group, it’s important to be surrounded by your creature comforts, people you love and to avoid toxic situations and states of mind. It’s all about bringing the positivity – a beautiful way to wind down after summer.

One-day break. A simple 24-hour experience to give the body and mind a quick and easy detox including a detoxification massage, an antioxidant scrub and mask plus six detox juices delivered fresh to your door for the day. The perfect way to end a weeklong holiday in Ibiza, to ensure you look and feel your best when you get back home.

Antioxidant break. A more intensive yet completely relaxing three-day juicing and relaxing experience that includes a private yoga class, a detoxification massage, a Thai massage, a foot reflexology treatment and six detox juices delivered daily to your villa for three days. In between treatments and juices you can relax by the pool, take naps in your day beds and catch up on much-needed sleep and reading – these three days are all about connecting with yourself.

Detox & Yoga Private Retreat. The weeklong detox and private yoga retreats by Ibiza Balance are a truly special experience like no other. Over the course of the week, you’ll receive six private yoga lessons, a detoxification massage, lymphatic drainage treatment, shiatsu treatment, one Hydroadvance facial, a vitalising body scrub and massage, a VitaminDrip infusion plus three customised raw food meals prepared and delivered fresh to your home daily. A deluxe holiday detox experience that guarantees you’ll float back to the airport and the real world, completely refreshed, revived and ready to get back to life.

In addition to the aforementioned packages, Anika and her team of experts can also devise bespoke detox programs especially to suit your needs, or the needs of your group in Ibiza. Whether you’re looking for a juice-based detox or prefer to follow a menu of raw food, your culinary requirements are in the best of hands. Ibiza Balance offers a wide array of treatments and classes, which can be added to your program on request.

As with all Ibiza Balance services, everything can be booked in advance and paid for by credit card before you arrive. The a professional, respectful service offered by Ibiza Balance gives you total piece of mind knowing everything has been taken care of before you even step foot on a plane. All Ibiza Balance therapists and team members are extremely discreet, and have extensive experience in dealing with clients of all levels and backgrounds. All you have to do is select the detox program that best suits you and Ibiza Balance takes care of the rest.