Aya… what?

Since the dawn of time people have been seeking answers to that age-old question tackled by philosophers, religions and emo garage bands for millennia – Who Am I?

Taking a look at the self-help aisle in the bookshop or the numerous personal development courses on offer, it’s not too hard to take a contemptuous perspective. A plethora of promises that guarantee to answer that one eternal question while also emptying your pockets and luring you into pseudo-religious experiences. Even this cynical viewpoint cannot deny the fact that humans are forever questioning their existence. Why on earth are we here?

Despite the many charlatans and quick-buck shysters, most people involved in the personal development world are genuinely seeking answers to life’s greatest issues. Mind altering drugs have been used in the West for a long time to aid this searching and in recent times one has trumped all the others as a tool to the inner psyche.

Ayahuasca (pronounced: aye-ya-waska) originates from the Amazon jungle and is called a healing medicine or plant medicine – absolutely not a drug – by its proponents. It has become increasingly popular in celebrity circles but be warned – this is definitely not a party drug and would not, under any circumstances, be helpful on the dance floor or in the VIP of an Ibiza club.

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