Q&A: Dr. Abi Woodward, Network Spinal Analyst

Dr. Abi Woodward is one of those Ibiza enigmas. She’s known almost exclusively by her first name usually followed by an emphatic, “You have to see her, she saved my life!” exclamation. If she were a DJ there’d be billboards of her face on the highway. But Dr. Abi is not into self-promotion. She doesn’t need to be. There’s a whisper along the caminos and in the juices bars of Ibiza, Dr. Abi does magic.

A qualified doctor of chiropracty she practices Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), which in itself is an enigma. It’s not the usual mystical treatment performed in a hushed and rarefied atmosphere. Dr. Abi’s NSA is a communal affair set to a soundtrack she assembles herself and as far as magic is concerned she’ll probably tell you that’s ridiculous, it’s all science, but ask her patients and they just marvel at the results.

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