Flexitarian: The new food frontier

When we think of the diet of pre-historic humans we conjure images of hairy, monosyllabic men wielding clubs and tearing into the flesh of sabre tooth tigers. The truth is a bit different. Have you ever actually tried to catch a wild animal with a bow and arrow? Not an easy thing to do. Ancient humans actually ate less meat then we assume, mostly because they just didn’t need to. They survived mainly on nuts, wild leaves, vegetables, tubers, small rodents, snakes and insects with a huge roast dinner only occasionally gracing the stone dinner table.

At some point in our history we figured out how to farm crops and animals and not long after we invented machines and marketing. After which we figured out how to factory farm animals and transport their meat across the globe while also producing some pretty convincing advertisements imploring meat consumption. Our occasional roast dinners turned into what people have come to believe is a basic human right: to eat meat everyday. Apparently, this belief might be killing us.

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