My body is a temple

Jacqueline May Lysycia – Yoga Therapist, NIKE yoga presenter and best selling author – shares her secrets to being beautiful on both the inside and out, from yoga quick fixes to get you beach body ready to tummy-flattening beauty secrets from Japan!

We all know yoga can be an exhausting 90-minute endurance for beginners but short daily bouts of 10 minutes of the top three yoga asanas can activate your bikini body in as little as two weeks. Like everything, it wont happen overnight but continuous effort yields good results in as little as two weeks if practiced daily for 10 minutes. Gradually work up to 20 minutes every day for optimum results.

1. Just working out your abdomen won’t give you the cut your striving for, but the Navasana boat pose works on a simple yet intense breathing mechanism that literally sucks your abdomen in for you, ultimately toning the stomach muscles and strengthening the spine.

Sit on the floor. Breathe in up the back of your spine to broaden the rib cage without inviting tension and feel the ribs separate from the abdomen. Raise one leg in the air on the exhale and activate the core. Practice breathing up the back of the spine and down the front of your ribs. If this feels OK, add the second leg. Be sure the abdomen remains more or less flat or lower the level. Breathe five to seven times and work your way up to one minute without sticking the belly out.

Secret: Extend up through the spine from the base sacrum up to the base of the skull with the breath and broaden the hands and feet for maximum lung activation which kicks the abdomen into the sucking in effect, without you having to do the sucking.

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