Retreats: Private vs. Group

Going on retreat is nothing new. Mystics, clerics and ordinary people have been taking time out from their daily lives to reconnect for millennia. A retreat can be about anything. It can be a search for spiritual connection, a quest for optimal health, a luxurious pampering experience, a chance to learn new skills or just some quiet time out from the rat race.

Ibiza has become one of the retreat capitals of Europe. The island’s natural beauty and laidback style makes it the ideal place to switch off. It has also attracted a fair number of therapists and practitioners from a myriad of disciplines. There’s no lack of retreats to choose from. Yoga of all kinds is on offer as well as excellent day packages from some of the island’s top hotels. Increasingly there are more diverse retreats on offer including skill-building sessions such as hyper-realistic drawing and writing retreats, entrepreneur’s weeklong workshops and more.

And don’t think it’s just for the tourists. The thing de jour is for residents to sign up to the numerous retreats available: from a day in a Hammam or by the pool of a boutique hotel to a full-on silent retreat in the hills. If you live here year round it can be easy to forget all that’s on offer. Take advantage of this beautiful island, that’s why you live here!

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