Strong is the new sexy

Forget fad diets, overly exercised bodies and unrealistic celeb expectations on the red carpet. Today’s version of beauty is about perfectly sculpted muscles, lean and healthy physiques and a positive mindset to accompany them. Here in Ibiza, Hugo Martini – founder of Balearic Bootcamp – is the man to whip you into shape, but you can forget the militant, fear-based mentality associated with typical bootcamp environments. When given an Ibiza style twist, Balearic Bootcamps are about transforming your body while having fun, living in luxury and experiencing the best the white isle has to offer.

“I want people to go home and say they had a good time, that the experience was fun,” explains Hugo of his new age bootcamp philosophy. “I’m not going to shout at people. I don’t want to deprive them of anything and then have them go back to reality and instantly eat junk food. I want them to leave not only looking great, but feeling good and full of positive energy, ready to change their lifestyle. In one week I can teach them so much, but it’s not achieved through fear.”

Originally a celebrity personal trainer, Hugo developed his own ‘Body Transformation’ coaching program, working intensely with clients over a period of a few months. When a client suggested he set up a bootcamp in LA, he knew the location wasn’t quite right for him, but the seeds were sewn. The idea for Balearic Bootcamp was growing, and as a long-term Ibiza lover, it wasn’t hard for Hugo to decide where to set up shop.

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