To Om or not to Om

In the final episode of Mad Men we saw a casually dressed, but still dapper and gorgeous, Don Draper (played expertly by Jon Hamm) sitting in lotus pose on a California cliff with the Pacific rippling behind him. A Yogi sits before him, crooning some wise words and then surprise of all surprises Don Draper takes a deep breath and… Oms. Yes. Don Draper, he of the Lucky Strikes and whiskey on ice and parade of dark haired, wounded beauties, , does an Ommmm… a sonorous, pleasingly husky Om. Even his Om is sexy.

So if Don Oms then we should too, right?

We’ve all been there. Mats are laid, Lululemon leggings are making their debut, and you’ve got your block, your strap and your bottle of colloidal silver standing by. You’re trying not to think about how your knee is burning like a witch on a stake and your attempting to concentrate on what the teacher is saying about the coming solstice and the phases of the moon without taking too much notice of the guy in front and his plumbers crack. And then a barely perceptible wave of panic rises from your base chakra to your crown, you know its coming, any second now. The Om. Will you Om? If you Om will it be in tune? If you don’t will people think you’re arrogant or not enlightened? Should you pretend or is that worse? What if you’re the first to Om and you’re omming out there all on your own? Damn this Om!

What is the Om anyway?

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