Q&A: Toby Clarke, Walking Ibiza

Toby Clarke used to take his dog, Cosmo, for long rambling walks through the forests and along the coastlines of Ibiza, finding that a peaceful calm would come across him, a connection to himself and the beauty of the landscape. One day a crazy idea popped into his head. He would walk around the island. A week later he set off with a tent, a sleeping bag, enough food and water for one day, one euro in his pocket and a trust in the universe that few people possess.

It was a life changing experience not only on an emotional and spiritual level but also on a practical one. Walking Ibiza grew out of that first seed of madness and has turned into an incredible family business that provides people with a totally different experience of Ibiza, one enjoyed on foot.

Tell us a bit about that first walk around the island.

When I first had the idea, I Googled it and realised no one else had done it! The night before I set off (a week later) I decided not to take any cards or money and threw it all into a drawer but one euro rolled out. I saw it as a sign, to do the walk with only one euro in my pocket. Luckily my wife Belinda suggested I take food and water to last at least 24 hours. Then it was all in the lap of Tanit [the Phoenician Goddess of Ibiza]. It was an incredible 11 days. And funnily I came back with 11 euros in my pocket.

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