Top 10 Ibiza yoga retreats

Yoga and Ibiza have always gone hand in hand. It’s a combination of the intense spiritual nature of the island, its outstanding natural beauty that provides so many wonderful locations to practice, and its incredible magnetism. Ibiza has been attracting yogis, yoga aficionados and total newbies to the island for many years. Of course the white isle is also known for its parties, and what better way to balance out the excesses and reconnect with nature and spirituality than with a detoxifying or relaxing yoga retreat?

But the world of Ibiza yoga is vast and plentiful, and with so many to choose from how on earth do you make a decision? Ponder no more! We’ve made it easy for you, as we have taken the time to try and test the best of the best, so now all you have to do is make the call.


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