Q&A: Juliet Murrell, House of VOGA

There’s a new craze sweeping the alternative yoga scene around the world, popping up in the most exclusive studios, on the rooftops of high-end members clubs, in parks, at festivals and even in some of the world’s oat refined fashion boutiques. It’s kooky, it’s colourful and it’s quirky, but most importantly, it’s good for you. Allowing you to express yourself to music and indulge in a passion for fashion while practicing asanas and mindfulness, VOGA is for everyone of all ages and fitness levels.

Described as the ‘haute couture of yoga’, VOGA is the hot creation of effervescent yoga instructor Juliet Murrell, who is launching her brand HOUSE OF VOGA into Ibiza for the first time in 2015.

First of all – please explain! What exactly is VOGA?
VOGA is a fusion of yoga and vogueing. It’s for people who like the idea of yoga but also want a cardiac workout. It’s a fun and expressive, energetic stretching and posing routine set to 80s beats. Yoga is breath synchronised movement – the vinyasa flow- and is all about trying to internalise and find that strength in yourself. Vogueing is the complete opposite of that so I’m aware it’s an incongruous mix! Vogueing gives an incredible sense of empowerment, as you strike poses and work on flexibility, and both yoga and vogueing are about being 100% in that moment, forgetting about the past and the future, and building strength and mindfulness. The fusion of the two disciplines adds an extra energy and purposefulness to both.

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