Weird & wonderful: Alternative treatments

Wherever the hippies go so do the weird and wonderful alternative therapies. Ibiza is resplendent with healing therapies of all kinds. Each with their own history and methodology and more than a few homegrown styles. Perhaps it’s the magnetic vibrations or the ghosts of Phoenician Shamans but there is something about Ibiza that attracts healers and seekers from all over the world. Want to know more? Read on for the island’s weirdest and most wonderful treatments!

Vibrational Medicine

Using the ancient method of dowsing (hanging a pendulum over the body) vibrational medicine can determine the root cause of illness and emotional disturbances or simply promote wellbeing. It’s a melding of Eastern and Western practices which aims to rebalance energies within the body using homeopathic remedies, crystal therapy, light and colour therapy and sound therapy. There are a few excellent vibrational medicine practitioners in Ibiza with Georgina Withers, Tina Cutler and Derek Talbot being the most well-known and respected.

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