Ibiza wellness: Featured class – Beach Body Challenge with Personal Training Ibiza

Sandra’s inspiration for the Beach Body Challenge came from working with women of all sizes, shapes and ages who were looking for the perfect ‘bikini body’. The truth is, there is no such thing – it’s about looking and feeling good, happy and confident on the beach, by the pool or on a dance floor. Using the word BEACH as a guide, Sandra devised the following philosophy to use as a basis for the course.

The condensed version means sessions are more intense, and students will require more self discipline in order to see results – something Sandra positively reinforces throughout the programme. Sessions take place on Tuesdays and Fridays and Beach Body Challenge members will be connected via a motivational WhatsApp group to share tips, tricks, photos, recipes and training motivation. Making new friends is a happy side effect of the experience. The programme is open to everyone – new mums looking to lose the baby weight, those wanting to increase fitness levels, tone up or slim down or women who wish to add some curves to a lean figure! It’s all about working with the body you have (alongside one of Ibiza’s premier fitness experts), to get the body you want.

Call Sandra on +34 647 433 469 or email info@personal-training-ibiza.com for more details or to book your place.

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