Ibiza wellness: Featured class – Bikram Yoga at Hot Yoga Ibiza

It’s hot. It’s steamy… and it’s just so good for you on so many levels!

Let experienced Ibiza yoga instructor Sebastien Carincotte of Hot Yoga Ibiza guide you through a demanding series 26 postures (asanas) and two breathing exercises (pranayamas), practiced in a modern, heated studio near Can Misses, on the outskirts of Ibiza town.

The practice of hot yoga is famous for its many benefits to the mind and body, from improving posture and spine alignment, pain relief, overall improvement in health and weight loss to improved concentration, energy levels, mental clarity and much more.

The 90-minute classes are suitable for all ages and levels of ability and are held half in English, half in Spanish to ensure all Ibiza residents and visitors can follow the sequence and enjoy the experience.

Contact the studio for information on pricing or to pre-book your mat space