Featured cleanse: iPurify Pure Cleanse

If you’re relatively new to the idea of cleansing or juicing, iPurify’s Pure Cleanse is the ideal starting point.

Including two green juices, one veggie and fruit juice blend, one fruit juice, a spicy lemonade and a cashew nut milk delivered to your door per day, or alternatively you can collect them from the beautiful Wild Beets restaurant in Santa Gertrudis if you’re on-the-go. The juices on this cleanse are extremely palatable (you won’t feel like you’re drinking liquefied grass!) and also satisfying, however you’ll still see great benefits as the ingredients have been carefully selected and cold-pressed to deliver all the nutrition your body requires in a day, and you’ll consume between 900 and 1100 calories, without wanting to give up after the first day!

Designed to reset your clock to how your digestive system should be, all juices on the cleanse program flood the system with raw, living foods and at the same time stop digestion by complete lack of fibre (stripped during extraction process), delivering all the extra minerals, vitamins and nutrients into the body, aiding its natural ability to purge itself and flood you with living food enzymes. Back to basics, helping you step onto a path of living a more healthy lifestyle.

Prices for the iPurify Pure Cleanse are 70€ per day and you can select the amount of days you’d like to participate. Perhaps you’d just like to try one day, just to give yourself a quick weight loss boost and see how you feel. For others, it might be a three-day cleanse experience needed after a particularly long weekend. Others still may like to invest in a full seven-day program to really start on a new healthy life path. However if you’re a more experienced juicer and looking for a deeper cleanse, this year iPurify has also teamed up with a professional naturopath to create a variety of new cleanses tailored to more specific conditions – contact them for more details.