Ibiza wellness: 8-day Women’s Wellness & Yoga Retreat

If you’re feeling stressed, overworked or simply exhausted and need to take some time to focus on yourself, this wellness and yoga retreat in Ibiza is the ideal opportunity to reconnect with your heart, calm your mind and restore your vitality. Yoga and relaxation techniques help release tension, while balanced and cleansing cuisine boosts your energy and nourishes your body. Daily meditation, health coaching, nutritional advice, a Shakti spirit dance and much more is also included.

The cost of the retreat also includes all vegetarian meals and snacks, plus a 10-week follow up vitality program to ensure you don’t lose your newfound sense of freedom. Surrounded by like-minded women, this powerful journey of self-discovery – taking place for a week from Saturday June 16, 2018 – will change your life.