Pure Love Retreats Holistic Healing Intensive Certificate

About the retreat: This three-day course is the perfect introduction to natural medicine, for those who want to heal themselves from the inside out, with the power of mother-nature. A fast track to leading a natural lifestyle in a hectic modern world, the course condenses years of research and learning into just three days, and gives participants the tools to integrate these insights into their day-to-day life.

Key topics include: Healthy diet, cleansing, juicing and digestion; various yoga styles; meditation and breathwork; understanding the basics of various healing therapies including Reiki, Shamanic Healing, traditional Chinese medicine, massage and acupressure; and the basics of facial diagnosis, iris diagnosis, body assessment and pulse diagnosis, to assess for health and wellness.

Taught through a series of seminars and practical sessions, the course offers a broad foundation for those wanting to train in healing therapies or simply lead a healthier, happier lifestyle. After this course, participants will gain clarity as to which direction they want to go in to study more in holistic health.