Ibiza wellness: Featured retreat – Women-for-Women Empowerment Retreat

Join Ibiza Retreats to learn how to nourish yourself fully on their Women-for-Women Empowerment retreat. During your stay in the home of abundance, light and love within the welcoming walls of Casa Lakshmi Luz inside the beautiful gardens, and inside this idyllic, lovingly restored finca, you will explore the path of the divine feminine, connecting with your deeper, shakti energy through combining conscious flow yoga, meditations, transformative breath-work and self-healing techniques. You will experience greater harmony with your sensitive inner-self as you soften and centre, in body, heart and mind. With Laor you will be led on a Voicessence journey, to express yourself fully, releasing age-old blockages to feel your power, your heart and your happiness glowing stronger day by day. With holistic life coaching, womens wellness, ayurvedic nutrition for women and intuitive hearings, this is truly a retreat within the arms of Mother Nature herself.

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