Featured treatment: Vampire Facelift ® at MedSpa Ibiza

In 2015, Ibiza wellness clinic MedSpa Ibiza introduces an all-new, highly revolutionary treatment to the island – The Vampire Facelift. The next best thing in ‘well ageing’!

Also known as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), the treatment is completely natural, drawing on your body’s own natural resources to treat and rejuvenate selected areas of the skin. MedSpa Ibiza’s professional in-house medical team draw a sample of your very own blood (hence the vampire association) in a way that is very similar to having a blood test in your normal doctor’s surgery. This blood is then put into a specialist centrifugal machine – MedSpa Ibiza boasts the only one on the island – which separates the blood cells, serum and platelets.

Then, these purified platelets are injected back into your skin, releasing natural growth factors that stimulate cells, regenerate new tissue, improve skin tone, promote collagen production and make skin appear much smoother, softer, plumper and more vibrant. You can opt for the procedure anywhere on the body that you feel needs a regeneration boost – be it the face, neck, chest, backs of your hands – the choice is yours. Great for any signs of ageing, wrinkles, dropping, sun damage, crepey looking skin, dull skin tone, rough skin texture, simply speak to the doctor about your concerns before the treatment.

The beauty of PRP is that there is little to no risk of rejection, side effects, allergies or adverse reactions, as your body is receiving its very own blood. The procedure has been proven to be highly effective, and is hugely popular with the Hollywood A-List, leading the way in non-surgical enhancements. Treatments are recommended in courses of two to three, every three to six months depending on the individual, for best results.

Each Vampire Facelift treatment takes approximately 45 minutes, and there is no downtime afterwards. You simply walk out of MedSpa looking younger and brighter, and get back to enjoying your time on the island!

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