Ibiza wellness: The heat is on – Hot Yoga Ibiza

By day in Ibiza, the sun is shining and you’ll hear island residents proudly declaring spring has sprung, but when the sun goes down, so too do the temps and out come the scarves, beanies and boots once again. What has this got to do with Hot Yoga Ibiza? Well, we’re glad you asked…

Practicing yoga heats you up from the inside out – and when you opt for a Bikram or Hot Yoga class (just some of the classes on offer), you’ve got the added bonus of entering a toasty warm 40-degree studio. In addition to the allure of the lovely warm studio on a cold winter’s night, there is also that aforementioned promise of spring in the air. The impending arrival of spring means summer is also on the horizon, and everyone knows summer means bikinis come out of hibernation. Do you need any more excuses to get yourself to the studio?

The contemporary, airy space is one of the most stylish and sophisticated professional studios in Europe. And although it is called Hot Yoga Ibiza, not all classes are practiced in the heated room. After all, Bikram and Hot Yoga can be an acquired taste – and if you’re a yogi of the more traditional persuasion, perhaps the Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow and CORE 40 classes will be more to your liking. Both are taught Vinyasa style, combining breath and movement – a 90-minute sequence of movements that warms the body, mind and soul alike.

Open seven days a week, Hot Yoga Ibiza provides a safe, secure and nurturing space for students to start a new practice, deepen an existing one or delve into a variety of styles to keep things interesting. Most importantly, at Hot Yoga Ibiza, everyone is welcome – from island residents and holidaymakers to jetsetting global yogis and inexperienced newcomers, those looking to lose weight, relieve stress or pain, improve concentration or increase energy. Every student is equal, every practice is unique.

At the helm of Hot Yoga Ibiza is highly experienced instructor Sebastien Carincotte. The French-born, Ibiza-based yogi first discovered yoga as part of a theatre study group as a child – little did he know he would go on to share it with so many people from around the world in the future. It was in 2006 when he really began to intensely explore Bikram Yoga, which led to his own teacher training experience and subsequently opening his own studio.

His own personal yogic evolution over the past ten years saw Sebastien branch out to teach CORE 40 – a Hatha-based practice developed by the legendary Tony Sanchez, once a student of Bikram Choudhury – and Ashtanga, the traditional dynamic form of yoga developed by yoga icon Sri Patthabi Jois. In 2017, Sebastien plans to add Yin Yoga to his repertoire of classes – all the more reason to visit Hot Yoga Ibiza, my dears…

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