Ibiza wellness: Ibiza Body Harmony – Living and transforming

Monica Lakshmi, founder of Ibiza Body Harmony, first arrived to Ibiza in 2001, and has been using her natural talents and instinctive gifts via holistic healing across the white isle since 2010. Attracted to the open hearts and minds the island collectively attracts, Monica set out with a desire to harmonise the minds, bodies and souls of visitors and residents of Ibiza by offering an array of special mobile treatments, therapies and practices. Passionate about delving deeper and always discovering new therapies and treatments, Monica recently felt a calling to India to continue her personal development and education. It was during her trips in late 2015 and early 2016 she felt a deep connection to Transformational Yoga and Sound Bath Healing.

“I took the practical class for myself in the beginning, but when the instructor invited me to participate in the theory portion of the course, that was when I realised it was a different type of yoga,” she says of her experience. “The theory really touched my heart and I felt like I needed to teach this in Ibiza. If we could use this yoga every day, we would see a big transformation inside of ourselves. It gives us the possibility to connect deeply, past limited awareness, observing the observer without judgement. It is truly transformational.”

Founded by Sri Swami Vidyanand, transformational yoga focuses on creating full awareness of each of our five bodies; the prana body, the mental body, the spiritual body, the psychic body and the fiscal body. The class lasts from one and a half to two hours, and consists of a variety of gentle sitting and standing poses plus breathing, meditation and chanting exercises that clear blockages, purify the body and open up chakras to reveal a deeper connection with yourself, other people and the world around you. Monica works with her clients one on one or in a group, travelling to hotels, yachts, villas, agroturismos and private homes to ensure complete comfort and wellbeing.

Sound Bathing or Gong Meditation is similar to Transformational Yoga as they work to relax, balance and activate the chakras, revealing a deeper awareness and connection to yourself. “You can fly afterwards! You feel deeply connected and it’s very special,” she says. Monica works with singing bowls; a bowl that makes a variety of healing sounds used in meditations, such as a tuning fork; to create sound vibrations and chants a variety of mantras to relax and calm the mind. “Through mantra, I connect myself to my client and we connect with the divine that is in ourselves and around us,” she explains. A typical treatment lasts one hour, and is incredibly beneficial as sounds we hear have no boundaries, nor does the mind and through a session one can work at a very deep level, to clear deep-rooted blockages from the body in a different way.

In addition to Monica’s newest therapeutic treatments, her team of Ibiza Body Harmony professionals and are highly experienced in healing massage techniques that offer a plethora of amazing benefits. Choose from a vast selection including lymphatic massage; it promotes natural drainage in the lymph system in order for the body to eliminate toxins properly, hot stone massage; a technique that uses pressure to open energy channels and promote better circulation, Indian head massage; an Ayurvedic healing system that uses pressure on release points to encourage deep relaxation, plus the anti-stress massage; a technique that uses friction, pressure and vibrations over the body’s surface to stimulate muscle tissue, eliminate toxins and to increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients.

Monica also offers fitness classes and for anyone on the island wanting a beauty boost, a variety of beauty treatments such as manicures, pedicures, waxing, hair and make-up. It is evident Monica works from her heart and treats from inside to out – the sign of a true healer; she genuinely seeks to make a difference in her client’s lives.

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