Ibiza wellness: Meet the team – Ibiza Retreats

The Ibiza Retreats team (shown above, alongside founders Larah Davis and Susie Howell) create a nurturing, relaxing and empowering space for your transformational journey, but it’s not just the sacred sanctuary of their warm and welcoming retreat space that envelops you in a loving embrace; it is the team itself and each member’s loving support.


Hailing from Barcelona, helping is part of Laila’s DNA. She has previously worked with migrants and poor communities in developing countries and later as a conflict manager and group facilitator. Most recently, Laila’s path to self-discovery led her to accompany others to go deep and reconnect to their inner-self as a psychotherapist.

Laila studied Transpersonal Therapy and Rebirthing, Conflict Mediation plus energetic work including Theta Healing and Reiki, and travelled the world before the call to deliver her therapies in Ibiza came in 2009.

“What is most special about working with Ibiza Retreats is the sensitivity and care for every single person that arrives and with the entire team,” she says. “The way that beauty, femininity and spiritual consciousness perfectly combines with effectiveness, professionality and flexibility is very special. Both our feminine and masculine energies in each one of us and, as a team, are integrated. This offers a balanced environment and it’s very unique.”


Sarah is known at Casa Lakshmi Luz as the ‘House Angel’. With roots in customer service, health and social care, her presence is felt in the early mornings and late evenings – as everyone arises or goes to bed, she makes sure all guests are feeling happy and safe.

After making the switch from city to island life in early September 2015, through like-minded friends, Sarah was introduced to the wonderful tribe of women warriors at Casa Lakshmi Luz, where the relationship blossomed. With passion, enthusiasm and her wealth of knowledge, Sarah is excited to journey into her second year of retreats with Ibiza Retreats.

“I love helping people first and foremost,” she says. “Making people feel at ease and happy is a great feeling. Helping towards keeping Casa Lakshmi Luz running smoothly means your host can get on with showing and guiding you through a fantastic experience.”


Vivienne’s yoga journey began as a child with her father, and from then her involvement within holistic health has never stopped growing. With 25 years of experience in the industry, Vivienne brings a wealth of knowledge to Ibiza Retreats both as a yoga teacher and wellness guide for your retreat journey and in the areas of deep tissue, trigger point, joint release, reflexology and hot stone therapies. She is also a Reiki Master and Aromatherapist.

At Ibiza Retreats, Vivienne teaches Core Flow to ignite and empower, Vinyasa Krama for creativity and the dance of life, and Restorative Yoga to deeply nurture and relax. Training in India and Amsterdam, Vivienne loves to share the beautiful experience of yoga.

“My partner brought me to Ibiza eight years ago after living in Asia for five years, and I fell in love with the island,” she explains of her journey. “I bring a creative, empowering and nurturing yoga experience along with a caring and loving approach. Ibiza Retreats is innovative, caring and professional. We have a great team!”


Yoga initially brought Carina to Ibiza in 2013 where she participated in yoga teacher training led by Ibiza Retreats director and co-founder, Susie Howell. Fast-forward to 2016 and Carina is now a retreat manager and yoga practitioner between the healing walls of the Ibiza Retreats space; growing, learning and teaching every single day.

Carina has gained experience through an array of breath and meditation workshops, shamanic healing classes and women’s wellbeing workshops. Carina’s background as a musician – with singing being one of her greatest passions – shows up in her teachings; she loves to incorporate a musical aspect into many of her classes.

“In my classes I gently guide our guests to soften and open their bodies, to unfold and reveal their potential and to step into their power,” she explains. “The women and men on the yoga deck are guided to become softer and embrace fluidity rather than pushing themselves. Everyone goes at their own pace; from beginners to advanced practitioners – every guest will find a challenge as well as a retreat.”


Katie is a dreamer, former glitzy, gypsy and spiritual seeker. She spent the last ten years exploring the world, teaching English as a foreign language and furthering her spiritual investigations. In 2013 she tried settling down in Manchester, ran 30 races in two years and did a triathlon to try and stay happy. She was in therapy for over a year before taking a trip to Ibiza to regroup. Ibiza cast her spell and Katie was sold.

Katie has studied Dru Yoga and retrained as an Advanced Personal Trainer and Nutritional Support worker. She specialises in women’s holistic fitness and empowering people to regain balance and control of their lives.

“I love helping others, educating and supporting people,” she says. “My own semi-dark history of depression, grief and clumsy relationships gives me so many references for empathising with other’s challenges. I feel so blessed to work with such an utterly inspiring, supportive, deeply caring and kind network of people.”


From the age of 12, Marrejan was holidaying in Ibiza and at 16 she knew she wanted to live here. After finishing fashion academy in Amsterdam she had a fashion business between Ibiza and Barcelona for 17 years, but in1987 her son was born and they came to Ibiza.

At 37 she sailed around the world for four years with her son and partner at that time, and returned to Ibiza to work for another 18 years. But the stressful jobs no longer fitted with her philosophy and passion for life. She had discovered the philosophy and science of mind, body and soul in yoga and now applies her skills as a teacher, hakomi therapist and coach to be present for the needs of each client.

“I needed to follow my heart and intuition and help others by sharing my life experiences, showing that everything is possible,” she tells us. “By offering the space for guests to heal and grow, I found happiness, passion and balance in life by making fearless changes, listening to my heartfelt desires and having healthy boundaries. The University of Life taught me everything. I am an ‘Ibiza-Retreat-Mama’, ‘professional-hugger’ and ‘tear-wiper’ and love to enable guests to rediscover their inner-smile.”

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