Ibiza wellness: Ibiza Retreats – Moving forward

As they celebrate their tenth anniversary on the white isle, Ibiza Retreats continue to reign supreme in the Ibiza wellness field. Given the ever-expanding and evolving nature of the retreat business, one thing is for sure: for the brand known for being Ibiza’s first and foremost retreat consultants: 2017 is going to be a truly monumental year.

Originally founded by Larah Davis in 2007, with a vision to bring the benefits and experience of her personal wellness journey to a wider audience, she was joined soon after by Susie Howell (read more about their personal stories in our ‘Meet the founders’ article here), a long-time yogi, holistic life coach and exponent of holistic living and yoga therapy. The two laid the groundwork for what is now one of the fastest growing sectors of the alternative holiday and travel industry – holistic wellness retreats.

Hosting in excess of 30 of their own retreat per year, Larah and Susie have taken the business beyond its original concept of combining yoga instruction, holistic treatments and therapies, and nutritional education with spiritual and meditative practice. 2017 saw them open their own warm and welcoming retreat space (read more about it here) – the ‘home base’ of Ibiza Retreats and venue for three of their signature retreats.

Today, the remarkable duo take their wealth of experience onwards and upwards, as Ibiza Retreats expand the consultancy element of their business, joined by newly appointed business manager Sarah Oliver. Sarah brings a wealth of experience (formerly of powerhouse island brands Ibiza Rocks and Ibiza Villas 2000) with her to Ibiza Retreats, and will streamline all elements of client care, marketing and brand development to be under one roof as she also guides Susie and Larah into the next stage of growth for the business: retreat consultancy. While not a new thing for the company – it is in fact what the Ibiza Retreats concept was founded on – the team will now bring this service to the forefront of their offerings.

The Ibiza Retreats consultancy offers the chance for yoga teachers, fitness instructors and any other professional from the wellness, health and vitality arena to host their own programmes in Ibiza. With the Ibiza Retreats Consultancy sourcing and providing support in all the other elements – venues, chefs, therapists, equipment, transport and additional activities – the group leader can literally turn up and teach. This ultimately saves teachers time, energy and money through relying on the insider know-how and knowledge of the Ibiza Retreats team. Standing alongside their popular Group Retreats programme, this new arm of the brand brings the other two areas of the business, ‘Teachers and Group Leaders’ and ‘Tailormade Retreats’ under one banner.

This new move stemmed from unprecedented demand over the past few years, as more and more clients were coming to Larah and Susie with requests for private, bespoke retreats, tailored to their own personal tastes and desired benefits. As they were recognised as the go-to girls of the Ibiza yoga and wellness scene, with a myriad of contacts, a loyal team of therapists and decades of combined experience between them, it made perfect sense to move this area of the business forward into a full retreat consultancy. The people have spoken!

Of course, in the standalone group retreat arena, Ibiza Retreats remain at the top of their game, with their six signature group retreats regularly sold out – one of which, the ‘Rejuvenate’ retreat, was recently featured in The Ultimate Guide to the World’s Best Yoga Retreats, by About Time magazine, and another – Get Glowing – named as a leading mind-body retreat by both Psychologies and OM Yoga magazines.

While these group retreats are a wonderful, nurturing environment for individuals, or small groups of friends to commence their transformational journey, Larah and Susie understand they’re not always suited for everyone’s needs, spotting a gap in the market for busy couples, time-starved families and pressured corporate groups, who need to come together, breathe, re-boot and re-connect.

With this in mind, Bespoke and Family Retreats are constructed to ensure every member of the family gets a little of what they need, be it dual massages for mum and dad, while the kids go off kayaking, horse-riding or mountain-biking along with plenty of activities that the family do together, combined with some gentle, healing therapies. The same tailored approach can be applied to couples or corporate groups – whatever the dynamic, Ibiza Retreats can tailor the perfect experience (read more about tailored retreats here).

All retreats offer optimal 21st century lifestyle detoxes – digital detoxes, mind detoxes, mindfulness and reconnection to the healing powers intrinsic to living more in harmony with nature.  They offer holistic treatments and therapies from Ibiza’s leading wellness practitioners and, natural nutrition is also key: purifying Ibiza KM0, seasonally sourced produce and nutritionally designed cuisine offers a gentle cleanse, all of which is designed to enable retreat guests to tune out from the stresses and strains of modern life and into their inner guidance systems, to create confidence in the wisdom of their own body intelligence.

With one-to-one wellness coaching on arrival to support individuals to receive exactly what they need, plus personalised modifications for yoga, Ibiza Retreats seek to ensure that all guests can develop fresh confidence in their practice, no matter what their yoga level or injuries. As Larah and Susie say: “it’s all about empowering our guests to make the positive changes in their life that feel so good… they last!”

One-to-one “back-to-life coaching” and self- practice mentoring are also included so that guests leave ready to take responsibility for their health and happiness back at home, motivated by a clear strategy for making positive, sustainable changes. With a tool-kit of mind-body-energy management techniques gleaned from the wellness immersion, guests also receive follow up support to stay balanced, focused and full of positive energy!

As the world moves ever faster, and recreational time with loved ones, families, partners and children is more compressed, the timing has never been better to offer the solutions that the Ibiza Retreats team have put in place. Larah, Susie and the entire team are also dedicated to expanding their own training and development in response to the ever-deeper physical emotional and medical needs of their clients – here’s to the next ten years!

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