Digital Magazine exclusive: Cocktails? Healthy?

There are some things in life that human beings will always seek out – food, shelter, love and, err… alcohol. The days of prohibition proved people will go to any lengths to whet their whistles – and while we’re well beyond the days of illegal moonshine (though speakeasies certainly are all the rage), we are living in a more health-conscious society, which means the odd cocktail or two can weigh on your conscience. Or be the cause of a mean hangover.

Ibiza’s number one health goddess Lana Love, creator of Passion Cafes, understands the human psyche well, and has developed a new range of cocktails bridging the gap between hootch and health. After many years spent observing her loyal clientele, Lana realised that the alcohol and drinking was not going anywhere. After all – you’re here on holiday, you want a drink with your meal (however healthy it may be) and if you can’t get it at Passion, you may go somewhere else.

So instead of getting on a high horse about unhealthy cocktail combinations, Lana was inspired to ‘upgrade’ the Passion cocktail list, turning your every day drinks into superfood-charged creations. “I’m all about upgrading,” she says. “If you’re going to put alcohol into your body, why not put something good in there at the same time? Instead of concentrated juices from a bottle, we can make your cocktails with juice extracted from fresh fruit on the spot. We use low GI coconut palm sugar and kombucha in our mojitos instead of sugar and lemonade. It’s about balance.”

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