iPurify Health Cleanse: Happy and healthy from the inside out

iPurify founder Cliff Grubin has been making juice for Ibiza since 2005 when he first opened Sejuiced on Benirras beach, one of the island’s first ‘proper’ juice bars. It’s now an Ibiza institution and has been pressing and blending juices and smoothies for 11 years – everything from a classic ABC (apple, beetroot and carrot) or banana smoothie to a mega mix of health boosting elixirs filled with life affirming supplements.

A natural progression was to take all of Cliff’s knowledge of juicing and use it to develop a program of specialised cleanses. iPurify grew out of Sejuiced to become one of Europe’s first ever cold-pressed juice cleansing programs. Ibiza was ready and iPurify’s cleanses became a sensation known for providing quality ingredients, bespoke blends and solid support. In fact, iPurify became so successful that headquarters were moved from the beach to Santa Eulalia.

Continuing with his passion for nutrition and health, the next step for Cliff was to open Wild Beets in Santa Gertrudis. This new addition to the culinary scene serves up a super healthy fare, mostly raw and thoroughly delicious menu and acts as both outlet and mother ship to the iPurify system. Never one to stop developing his brands, Cliff is taking iPurify to the next level adding naturopathic approaches and herbal medicines to deliver ever more effective cleansing programs. Introducing the iPurify Health Cleanses.

The original iPurify juice cleanse system comes in three basic formats that can be adjusted to suit the needs, goals and issues of the individual. The Pure Cleanse is recommended for those new to cleansing. It has a higher fruit content than the other cleanses, which means more sugar but an easy introduction to the process. The Essential Cleanse is the next step up adding a heavier vegetable base. The Ultimate Cleanse is for people who are ready to step up to a real detox. Cold-pressing is essential to maintain the integrity of the nutrients in each ingredient. iPurify uses high tech cold-press juicers to achieve a nutrient dense and silky smooth nectar. Each component can be taken alone (just drop by Wild Beets to pick one out of the fridge) or as part of a cleanse.

Cliff developed the brand new iPurify Health Cleanse as a way of taking it all one step further towards maximum benefits. Teaming up with naturopath Chloé Silverman, the iPurify Health Cleanses combine the current cleanses with additional ingredients based on herbal medicine and naturopathic methods. Participants in the Health Cleanses have a short session with Chloé to determine their desired goals and particular needs. From that point, Chloé suggests one of seven pre-designed cleanses creating a perfect synthesis between achieving a nutrient dense juice cleanse with the added support of herbal medicine.

A popular cleanse moving from the winter to summer season is the iPurify Health Cleanse Immune Advance. This cleanse comprises cold-pressed juices with herbs such as Goldenseal which acts as an antimicrobial, antifungal and helps protect the gut and respiratory tract. It also includes medicinal mushrooms for their potent immune modulating effects. Another program that is perfectly suited to the Ibiza lifestyle is the iPurify Health Cleanse Retreat. Juices combined with gentle rejuvenating herbs that support adrenal health and metabolism and mood enhancement. Perfect for those seeking an extra facet to a retreat or private yoga practice, or simply just some gentle metabolic support.

Chloé advises on pre and post cleanse maintenance so you get the most out of your experience. Further encouragement is provided via a Facebook page and videos created by Chloé addressing some common themes that crop up during a cleanse. iPurify and Wild Beets are proud to now offer another way for people to enjoy the benefits of cleansing adding a deeper holistic approach to long term health and targeting specific objectives.