iPurify Health Cleanse: Immune Advance

Expanding the iPurify juice cleansing programs was an obvious step in Cliff Grubin’s mission to help people feel and look better. Teaming up with naturopath Chloé Silvermen to create the iPurify Health cleanses takes everything one step closer to ultimate health via the addition of specific herbal medicines and naturopathic processes.

There are seven new iPurify Health Cleanses. One of the most popular is the iPurify Immune Advance. Anyone who works or holidays in Ibiza will be familiar with the effect the lifestyle has on the body and wellbeing. Hard work, heat, temptations and stress can all compromise immunity leaving the body susceptible to fatigue and illness. The iPurify Health Cleanse Immune Advanced is designed to protect, support and strengthen the immune system against the vagaries of daily life.

The enzymes and nutrients in the cold pressed juices are fortified with herbs such as Goldenseal, an antibacterial aiding digestion and supporting the upper respiratory tract, as well as medicinal mushrooms for their potent immune modulating effect. Chloé provides on going support via a dedicated Facebook page and videos that address common issues, tips and tricks for getting the most out of the cleanse.

*Juices shown do not reflect all cleanses and are an example only – personalised plans will be given to participants to collect each day.