Ibiza wellness: iPurify Health Cleanse – Liver support

Out of the seven specially designed iPurify health cleanses available through Ibiza juice company iPurify – whose home base is at the health-loving Santa Gertrudis eatery Wild Beets – it’s no doubt the Liver Support cleanse will be high up on the post summer must do lists. Even those who manage to eschew all the temptations Ibiza has to offer will benefit from giving their liver a gentle pick-me-up.

iPurify founder and all round health aficionado Cliff Grubins has teamed up with naturopath Chloé Silverman to add to the existing menu of juice cleanses currently available. The super fortified iPurify Health Cleanses are designed to really get down to the nitty gritty of holistic health. Each program comes with a personal consultation with Chloé and a set of cold-pressed juices with the added benefit of herbal medicines. Chloé then provides on going support via a dedicated Facebook page and videos that address common issues, tips and tricks for getting the most out of the cleanse.

The Liver Support cleanse aids cell regeneration and helps balance hormonal health making is an excellent cleanse for post holiday indulgence as well as issues around acne, PMS, arthritis, menopause or headaches. The juices contain herbs such as dandelion, globe artichoke, St Mary’s Thistle and bottlebrush essence, an Australian wild flower. And if that isn’t enough, this cleanse also perks you up on those mornings when the bed just won’t let you go.

*Juices shown do not reflect all cleanses and are an example only – personalised plans will be given to participants to collect each day.

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