Ibiza wellness: iPurify Health Cleanse – Retreat

When Cliff Grubin expanded the iPurify juice cleansing program to include herbal medicines and naturopathic processes he knew it needed to reflect the true lifestyles of Ibiza. iPurify Health Cleanses are designed in conjunction with naturopath Chloé Silverman to add fortifying herbal medicines and naturopathic processes to the original iPurify cleanses, taking everything one step further to ultimate health.

iPurify Health Cleanse – Retreat was created to accommodate those who require gentle, rejuvenating metabolism and adrenal support. This cleanse was designed based on the three stages of stress response: reaction, resistance and exhaustion. If the body stays in the resistance stage for too long without nutritional support and lifestyle changes then exhaustion persists, affecting all areas of daily life.

The Retreat cleanse fortifies the enzymes and nutrients of cold-pressed juices with herbs and supplements helping the body to adapt to stressors, avoid exhaustion and improve metabolism and mood. It’s a perfect addition to a specific retreat or as an at home personal practice. Chloé provides on going support via a dedicated Facebook page and videos that address common issues, tips and tricks for getting the most out of the cleanse.

*Juices shown do not reflect all cleanses and are an example only – personalised plans will be given to participants to collect each day.

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