Ibiza wellness: IV Ibiza – Intelligent intravenous infusions

With ever-changing fads and trends dominating the wellness world since the dawn of consumerism, it’s important for health-seekers to be educated and safe when it comes to trying new treatments and therapies. While intravenous therapies are certainly not new in the medical industry, they are indeed having a moment right now with wellness-seekers around the world, which means it’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting yourself into – or to be more precise, what’s going to be getting into you, via your bloodstream.

Here on the white isle, IV Ibiza – founded by renowned UK media medic, Dr Arun Ghosh – offer a safe, professional, bespoke IV service at the hands of medically trained nurses. More than just a fast fix, these are intelligent intravenous infusions designed with each individual’s needs in mind. Created to deliver intense nutritional supplementation in line with the body’s needs, IV Ibiza’s drips promote inner vitality, genuine good health and positive lifestyle changes.

Dr Ghosh – who, in between time spent tending to his patients and clinics appears on BBC Breakfast, ITV1 Tonight Show and The Jeremy Kyle Show –studied with some of the world’s leading experts in IV therapy before launching The IV Clinic in the UK. Due to popular demand – from jet setting clientele, clued-up islanders and local medical professionals alike – the brand extended to Ibiza this summer. What makes IV Ibiza stand out from similar services on the island is its holistic approach to health and wellness – IV therapies are not considered (or encouraged as) a hangover cure or post-party experience.

“My work in Ibiza began through my work in rehabilitation medicine,” explains Dr Ghosh of the brand’s expansion. “We’ve done a lot of very successful work with drug and alcohol addiction patients. IV supplements work well during recovery, when a patient’s diet and nutrition has been appalling and their bodies are initially struggling to adapt to a healthy diet. Many people come to Ibiza to heal and recuperate and my own personal interests in IV therapy have always been to advocate it in terms of health and nutrition. When I realised the island is a hub for alternative medicine, boot camps, body camps and health retreats and more, I knew Ibiza was the perfect home for this therapy.”

Dr Ghosh thinks of undergoing an IV therapy session a little like a yoga class or personal training session. One needs proper guidance from their instructor to ensure maximum results and also to avoid injury. IV drips are no different, with all IV Ibiza clients required to submit a conclusive medical questionnaire that is personally reviewed by Dr Ghosh before a bespoke treatment is designed and administered. Clients are advised to be well-hydrated in advance and also of any potential after-effects, or detoxing effects, certain nutrients or minerals may have on the body. “Some of our drips can take between two and three hours in order to be effective and allow your body to absorb the nutrients,” explains Dr Ghosh honestly. “You must be well hydrated and allow time – if the treatment is sped through in half an hour, you’ll just pee the nutrients out straight away!”

He believes there is no one size fits all approach to your IV supplement, and although IV Ibiza offer a variety of ‘off the shelf’ recipes on their website (all personally designed by Dr Ghosh himself), unlike other clinics, these are generally tailored more specifically upon receipt of your medical report to meet your personal goals. “A new mum is going to need something different to a menopausal woman or someone trying to lose weight on a boot camp,” he says. “We work in a way that we will design a multi-nutritional drip to suit your needs. We want to deliver a service that keeps you going, and feeling nice and level long-term – not just whatever gives you the most bang for your buck.”

“All of our treatments are very safe,” Dr Ghosh continues. “Our service is focused on a 360-degree approach to health. It can also be used preventatively. We don’t want our clients to be quickly in and out, then back in a week. Our team will educate them, talk to them about nutrition and balancing stress and life – which I think is the Ibiza way. We create tailored programs rather than intense off the shelf boosts.” He says the clinic tends to attract like-minded clients – those seeking a holistic method of healing, and those who are also willing to put in the physical and mental work in order to feel well, in addition to receiving treatments.

IV Ibiza specialises in consulting on health and wellness holidays in Ibiza – be it a boot camp or yoga retreat. Working alongside the retreat hosts, they can offer the ideal supplementary nutrition to assist and enhance guests’ experiences – be it in weight loss, increased energy, detoxing or simply refuelling the body with vitamins and minerals. Alongside other medical professionals, they can also assist those recovering from long-term illnesses or low immunity, among other conditions with an intensive antioxidant therapy available.

For those looking for a relaxing, tranquil experience away from the hustle and bustle of island life, private appointments are available at the IV Ibiza clinic, a medical space within the laidback surroundings of a private clincal complex. Here, a maximum of two people can be treated during a session to ensure complete calm and serenity before returning revived to island life.

Alternatively, if you prefer to stay in the comfort of your own home or villa, IV Ibiza is completely mobile, with their team of nurses – all of whom also work within the local hospitals and have A&E backgrounds – are on-call to bring the service to you. Intravenous stands, drips, sterile field equipment, lighting and drape sheets – the whole professional shebang is transportable and large groups can also be catered to.

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