Journey to Yourself Retreat for Women

Journey to Yourself is an invitation for you to take time off for your daily pressures. Detox and rejuvenate in one of the most beautiful and magical places in the world – Ibiza – within an intimate retreat group of just 12 women.

A woman who is happy is attractive, passionate, kind, vibrant and soulful. Most women today have endless demands and responsibilities, and many may have lost touch with that radiant and feminine part of ourselves. This tailor made retreat ensures you find the essential balance between your private life, business, pleasure, adventure and fun. This is a chance to recharge your batteries, reinvent yourself, have fun, connect honestly and intimately with other powerful women.

In an atmosphere of quiet luxury, your mind and body will unwind.
While relaxing and enjoying profound dialogue and unforgettable experiences you will discover the soft power of your feminine nature to create a new perception of how to move forward. Using personalised intuitive coaching you will explore avenues to bring greater fulfillment, love, joy and happiness into your life. Enjoy a variety of activities and unforgettable experiences – yoga, dynamic meditation, nature walks, rituals, sound healing, ecstatic dance, feminine circles and more.